I have had pain in my jaw, a sore on the inside of my cheek, and a sore throat, all only on the right side, off and on for about a week or two. Have any of you had a similar issue related to your AS, or should I see a doc for it as a separate issue?

Asked by Lenore 5 years ago jaw pain jaw mouth sore sore throat

I have been having issues with my mouth also, but it seemed to travel.  Sometimes it was my top right gums, sometimes the top left gums, sometimes the roof of my mouth.  Just saw my doctor yesterday and he said to double up on my Folic Acid, that it was a side-effect of the Methotrexate.  I doubled yesterday and today and it is already feeling better.

by Linda 5 years ago

As Sufferer
I have had this issue as well. My jaw was so swollen I felt like I was a chipmunk.

by As Sufferer 5 years ago

I get ulcers in my mouth all of the time, and they are related to autoimmune activity (despite what some docs may say, there is a body of research on atopic responses).  I think I remember that they are similar to hives and excema in the mechanism.  I tend to get them several at a time, or none at all.  I have two right now.  Ugh.

by Amori99 5 years ago

Denise Cornell
Do you take MTX (Methotrexate)?  Mouth sores is one of the side effects.  I have TMJ, but my jaw quit hurting.  Now when every I eat or move it, I hear crunching sounds.  I can only open my jaws so far.  The chest pain you mentioned can also be a sign of Lupus along with the mouth sores.  Does not hurt to get it checked out.  Good luck.

by Denise Cornell 5 years ago

Kim Buracker Armstrong
Hi :)  It seems if it's a joint, it's fair game! I have this same pain in my right jaw and today my elbows are killing me as well as my shoulders. I did not realize a small joint like an elbow could hurt so darned bad!

As I posted on another question about being treated for hear attack symptoms and $6000 worth of medical bills later....it was my pleurisy...yet again. It was just hurting in a different spot than usual. I don't know as a woman when NOT to blame certain symptoms on my AS because the pluerisy also causes my breast tissue to ache. With my mom being a breast cancer survivor I figure I better stay up on my women's health as well because I would not be able to differentiate this horrible pleurisy pain from actual chest/heart or breast pain.


by Kim Buracker Ar...  5 years ago

Zorina Dawn
Thank you so much for the question and answer. I have chronic sore throats, hoarseness, pain in my jaw, etc. I have chalked it all up to my TMD but as usual its at least in part the AS. I am constantly amazed at how all pervasive this disease is.

by Zorina Dawn 5 years ago

I have a eagles something I forget name. It's a bone growth between joint and pokes like a tooth into cheek, also acid reflux causes sore throat, I didn't realize I had it till dr gave me prevacid and my cronic sore throat went away in two days.

by Mysteria 5 years ago

As a group, I'm not sure what your symptoms mean.  I frequently get mouth sores, both sides, inside my cheeks, along the gums, and other random spots.  I had thought they were related to my AS, but when I recently asked this of my rheumatologist, he said they were not related.  For excellent, topical, non-narcotic relief (in addition to, but better than topical sprays), you can ask for Xylocaine (Lidocaine) Viscous.  It totally numbs the sores and can be applied with a finger, Q-tip, or by teaspoon.  Pain is eliminated for 15 to 20 minutes, but the benefits go beyond that, since the relief allows you to relax your jaw, stops the tendency of poking your tongue on the sores, etc. And healing then occurs rapidly.  Good luck!

by Tonyhiphead 5 years ago

I  have the same issues.  Ready,  your throat is hurting due to the joint in your voice box being swollen which also causes pressure pain into your cheek and due to the swelling you are biting your inside cheek without even knowing it.  Mine is always right side.  Right now it's so bad I keep losing my voice and have a really hard time even swallowing my pills. The only thing that helps seems to be a combination of percocet and parafon forte along with the usual anti-inflammatory drugs and remicade etc. Hope that sheds some light on your situation.  I didn't even know there was a joint there until mine started acting up, but made a lot of sense after! Good luck my friend!

by  5 years ago

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I have had pain in my jaw, a sore on the inside of my cheek, and a sore throat, all only on the right side, off and on for about a week or two. Have any of you had a similar issue related to your AS, or should I see a doc for it as a separate issue?

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