I can't seem to control my emotions anymore, it's all too much and I get angry with people too easily, then I cry, then I feel stupid. Then I remember I have AS and it's painful, I seem to push the pain aside until it blows up in my face. Does anyone feel like this and how do you deal with it?

Asked by Carmen 5 years ago as symptoms pain emotions anger issues

RayRay RockChalk Morriss

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The more pain I'm in, the more emotional I seem to get. This morning I was woke up to the pain 2 hours before I usually get up, when I always sleep past my alarm a little bit. I laid in bed for over an hour, crying a little bit, but then I remembered it could always be worse. This flare up I have had the passed couple of days reminds me of how much I need to appreciate being able to walk around. One day if I'm ever in a wheelchair I can remember these as good days, when they are actually bad days now. When I can't block out the pain, I do get very emotional, which isn't usually me. Your not alone, and remember most people don't understand and they know not what they do. Happy face :)

by RayRay RockChal...  5 years ago

Ditto to everything said above. Chronic pain has a major psychological effect and what you feel is extremely normal. My business partner often bears the brunt of it, but while she's no angel she doesn't deserve a permanent grump who cries a lot and that's what she so often gets. Pain is overwhelming. It quite literally takes over your world and reduces your coping mechanisms to zero. I agree that anyone with severe AS feels like this some or most of the time and it's exacerbated by stress. I still don't know how to deal with it and I don't think there's one single answer. I've made one of my AS treatment avenues regular visits to a psychologist and it helps a bit in terms of overall coping. What I know is that you can't feel absolutely overwhelmed - as you clearly do right now - indefinitely, because your general health is going to implode. Perhaps a mild tranquiliser when it gets bad, might do the trick. We take so many meds anyway that I've made peace with one more or one less - whatever it takes to get through the day intact. If you don't want to go the therapy or meds route, try some quiet time like a pretty walk on your own, or perhaps yoga. I don't think anything is likely to cure the feelings, but they might help you cope with them a little better. Good luck.

by Sam 5 years ago

Catherine Terry
Prednisone can cause dramatic emotional changes.

Also, people with AS tend toward developing a profound depression. This might be due to the chronic pain and fatigue but it also might be due to inflammation in the brain. There are medications like the anti-depressant Cymbalta that help with both the depression and the chronic pain.

Many of us use a 'cocktail' of medications to help manage the multiple symptoms that AS can cause. Adding an anti-depressant to the mix may be something you'll want to discuss with your doctor.

by Catherine Terry 5 years ago

La Randa Stout Merlette
When I was first diagnosed I dealt with soo many emotions on a daily basis.  It was like riding an emotional roller coaster.  I was so angry, disappointed, frustrated, and on and on, I think u get the point.  Then over time I learned to always concentrate on the positive and blessings in my life.  I try to look at the many ppl in this world that r dealing w/things sooo much worse than me.  Ppl dealing w/looming death, ppl completely paralized, kids battling cancer and the parents having to deal w/losing a child.  There always ppl worse off than we r if u try to turn ur thoughts to that it really puts things in perspective for me.  I am blessed w/2 marvelous children and a wonderful family, that have allowed me to educate them to know how to best help me.  I am blessed w/ a wonderful boyfriend that is also learning how to best assist me and doesn't care what the future holds.  When I feel these neg. Emotions trying to rear their ugly heads I just turn my thoughts around and it really seems to help.  Love, prayers and blessings to all!!!

by La Randa Stout ...  5 years ago

Stacy Angeloff
Melissa, I am 49 and went into early menopause 8 years ago. I am on bio-identicals that help alot. This dis-ease is the pits. Emotionally, spiritually and physically. I dont really get angry with others, i internalize all my pain and fustrations alot which cause me more pain. It's like your dammed if u do and dammed if u dont. I try to live my best life and KNOW MY LIMITATIONS.  U live and learn with this demon of A.S. And you hope and pray for a cure and for some public awareness. I pray for healing and strength to all my A.S. Sufferers.

by Stacy Angeloff 5 years ago

Amy Arndt
Thank you for asking this question, I feel the same way and just blamed it on myself or the meds.  I never realize chronic pain causes emotional issues.  I will be looking into this a bit more on my own.  I hope you get to feeling better.

by Amy Arndt 5 years ago

Kim Buracker Armstrong
Hello. It sounds as if you are describing me :)  The anger from the pain hurts as much as the pain! I am 42 and just started counseling to help me deal with the anger. Anyone that knows me knows that is BIG :)  

What hurts me the most in the whole AS pain journey is when my 1 year old grandaughter Kyleigh wants nothing more than for me to pick her up and I can't.....That's what kills my spirit more than anything.

Blessings everyone~

by Kim Buracker Ar...  5 years ago

Denise Cornell
It is normal for all AS'ers I think.  I ride the same roller coaster and sometimes want to jump off at the top.  I take Cymbalta and it seems to help.  I still have my moments like yelling at an old man parked in a handicapped spot without a placard or license plate tag.  It can be little things that set you off on the anger, crying jags, and on the pity pot.  Hang in there, I cannot say that it will get better, but we have to live for the good times.  Coping with chronic pain is a hard thing to deal with and you don't get much support from other people because they just don't understand.

by Denise Cornell 5 years ago

Loren Youk
I have looked at this ? Many times.  I have began to answer, stop only to come back to?.
1. Pain makes me... Short tempered, sleepless, make bad choices, curt, frustrated, misunderstood and intolerable.  Losses- My career, many friends, 21 yr marriage, 10 yr ltr, and much respect from my adult children (3). Why? When I figure out the problem (see losses) too late to save. I never could let or share my pain (like playing can you top this, with others) I was very hard to reach.  In the end, too proud, too stupid.  Yes, I believe the pain is a major factor in my life. Today, I have trouble with composure, emotions, anger, my lot in life and internalize almost all. Why? At this point, who cares and I do not not want to expose myself further. So in summery, Pain sucks, I should have been smarter and understood.  Trouble is/was, who do you tell?

by Loren Youk 5 years ago

I just want to say thanks to everyone who responded to my question, you all helped me so much, I got through the day and am still chugging along.  Thanks for your support, I would not have made it through without you. :-)

by Carmen 5 years ago

Melissa Temple
Yep. Sometimes I feel like I've been dealing with the pain for so long I forget what normal is.  Then I blow over something so stupid I wonder what the heck is wrong with me. Once I calm down I realize what it is. Of course now some of my drs think I may be going into early menopause. That ought to be fun. Ugh! LOL
but if I can catch the anger when it first starts & I can, I just walk out the door & keep going until I can't walk anymore or I calm down.  Which ever comes 1st :)
I definitely think any form of exercise helps! & yep I take cymbalta & ativan as needed. ...

by Melissa Temple 5 years ago

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I can't seem to control my emotions anymore, it's all too much and I get angry with people too easily, then I cry, then I feel stupid. Then I remember I have AS and it's painful, I seem to push the pain aside until it blows up in my face. Does anyone feel like this and how do you deal with it?

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