Roman Reid

Does anyone else have pain in fingers and hands that does not included swelling or heat. Every online resource describes swelling but my hands/toes/fingers/knees just hurt, sometimes it is so bad its hard to write?

Asked by Roman Reid 5 years ago hands pain peripheral

Lindsay Cairns
YES, my hands hurt, sometimes it's like a stiff acheing, sometimes it feels like BONE pain at hte small joints in my figners.. Just throbs...

by Lindsay Cairns 5 years ago

Me too! My fingers don't (visibly) swell or get hot, but they hurt at the knuckles, especially when use them a lot or when they get cold. I've also noticed they get weak sometimes and I drop things a lot (but I am clumsy so I can't just blame the fingers!). I get what I call "mitten hands", where my fingers feel best in a close together, semi-bent position - like when you cup your hands - and they don't want to fully straighten, bend, or spread.

by Kathryn 5 years ago

Lalisa Watchara
I started to have pain in my finger yesterday for the first time. No swelling also. I thought it was strange because I've my first Enbrel shot last Wednesday, then my neck, back pain got better but I don't know why my finger start to hurt.

by Lalisa Watchara 5 years ago

Denise Cornell
Yes, I have arthritis in wrist, thumbs, and fingers.  Sometimes they will swell really bad, be warm, but not red.  Sometimes they just swell really bad.  Thumbs are the worst.  I have given up on trusting online resources.  Most of the time they are written by people who don't have arthritis and it is their opinion.  I have found that even the different arthritis organizations may not have reliable information.  Heck, my sister has RA and her Rheumy told her that siblings don't have different kinds of arthritis like we do.  I have had 3 Rheumys and they say I have AS.  They are aware of my sisters condition as well.

One of the reasons my old Primary did not think I had arthritis is because both joints was not inflamed at the same time.

I am feeling very pessimistic right now with all of these so called experts.

by Denise Cornell 5 years ago

Kristie Pelletier
Mine do this too...  Sometimes with visible swelling, sometimes not.  Remember, swelling is not always easily visible.  You feel it before you ever see it.

by Kristie Pelleti...  5 years ago

Tammy Mcnaught
I sometimes experience the pain also in my fingers,hands and my feet have really been bothering me. My Rhuemy sent me to a podiatrist so we'll see how the orthodics help. I just chalk it up to part of the disease. Depressing I know.

by Tammy Mcnaught 5 years ago

Vic Parnell
I do as well. Whenever I see the rheumatologist about it he tells me to relax my hand when he feels my fingers. I tell him that I am relaxing them. All he says is "Hmmm, way too much inflammation going on there", and he writes in his notes.

As I posted yesterday in a related post, try gently but repeatedly flexing your fingers. Sometimes it relieves some of the pain.

by Vic Parnell 5 years ago

Cheryl K. Moralez
I think that in the very beginning when my psoriatic arthritis first started, my hands would ache and hurt, especially in classes when I was trying to write a lot and take notes in class, or even typing on the keyboard. As time progressed, it was ultimately the carpal tunnel that woke me up in the middle of the night in tears - the only thing that ever helped was running them under the hottest possible water or soaking until I finally had surgery and corrected the carpal tunnel problem. More now, I swell w/pain. In fact, I have started wondering if carpal tunnel can grow back or reattach somehow!

by Cheryl K. Moral...  5 years ago

Jan Niicce
My hands have gotten weaker in the past year or so.  Its hard for me to open jars and use buttons and snaps.  My fingers seem to hurt a lot but dont think they are swollen.  I also drop things a lot and i get what I think is "trigger finger" where my thumbs lock up towards my palm when im trying to write, do dishes or been trying to do a lot of picking things up with my hands.  It will painfully stick for about a minute or 10 seconds and i have to like shake it out.  Its weird.

by Jan Niicce 5 years ago

Yes I do my fingers get very painful but no swelling.

by Kevin 5 years ago

I seldom have visible swelling or really hot areas but they hurt like crazy.

by Sheila 5 years ago

I've started having pain all of a sudden in my fingers and hands and sometimes I can slightly feel pain up into my arms. It doesn't seem to be constant but very often and every day now for about five days. At first I thought it was because of mowing the lawn every wk. I can see where it would be very hard on the hands having to grip tightly when turning and I'm mowing for hours at a time. That was my first thought when my hands started hurting. For 12 years or so I've had my right hand fall asleep at night and I constantly have to turn over from it being uncomfortable and waking me up and the past couple years I find myself laying on my hands a lot for some reason... I also noticed that I wake up with my hands in a fist not realizing I'm doing that. I've been a house cleaner for the past 10 years or so and I vacuum a lot about four days a week so I thought that could possibly be causing problems now. So all of these are my past hand issues but I've never had pain during the day until now.... And it seem to have come on all of a sudden and every day. It's in my left hand to and I've never really had a problem with my left hand as I only vacuum with my right.

by Lisa 2 years ago

William Cowan
Yes! Iam William pain started 2
weeks ago the pain starts from
above the elbow come down to
the fore arm to fore finger &
middle finger sometimes the
thumb. Its getting numb while
typing this message. Its a burning
stabing  pain especially when Iam
sleep.I havenot been to the Dr. Yet
I'll make a appiintment.

by William Cowan 3 years ago

My hands sometimes ache for no apparent reason, my sister who is older than me(37) has developed arthritis in her back and hands due to stress and a lack of vitamin D in her diet, I have always taken care of my diet so I cant understand the ache, I reckon it could be non-stop housework and taking care of three kids my hands are under constant pressure, I think as well as having a balanced diet and taking time out for a nice relaxing hand massage it should ease aches and pains.

by Lolo 4 years ago

Eltjo De Vries
Lots. No swelling. Sometimes feels like cramp in wrists and thumb and finger joints and ligaments. Sometimes lose all strength in grasp. Soaking in warm mix of water and olive oil sometimes helps alleviate for a while.

by Eltjo De Vries 4 years ago

Khuzafa Rauf
Roman Reid  Lindsay Cairns

I am in the same condition as you two described months ago...did you get any help somewhere??? I really want to avoid doctors.. :-(

by Khuzafa Rauf 4 years ago

Hello All,I am starting to have pain on my fingers and feet and swelling too. I am not sure but all these simptoms started showing up after and overtime since I got a bad disc on my back. I thinking  it all connects with the never system and somehow the body will start producing some kind of deformation in the nerve system comunication .  Right now I am working at night and working on the desk seating there all the time not really walking . But, I think that there other factors that will contribute to these symtomps to show up like consuming too much sodium during the day, lack of exercise, check you cholestol levels, check vitamin D levels, vitamin D is really important for  bones to observb calcium, sleeping well. As now my vitamin D is very low so I am taking 800 units every day and I started walking one mile every day and consuming less sodium, but since I work at night it is not really easy for me to get o good sleep,  but I have noticed when I sleep a good 8 hours the pain is less or gone.

This is all what  I have experienced.

I am sorry for my English...

by Luis 4 years ago

Hand and finger pain can be rare symptoms of AS. Fortunately for me, my first rheumatologist told me that some of his patients, men and women, who complain of hand and finger pain have taken to wearing isotoner gloves at night. They wake with hands feeling much better. I tried it and it worked for me.

by Stephen 5 years ago

Cheryl Herrington
I also have an achy pain in my hands, but never any swelling or heat. This has just started in the last year, but happens often throughout the day. It is worse first thing in the AM when I wake up. I have also noticed it when holding a pen or holding a book to read; anytime my hands are in the same position for awhile. My hands have become very weak too; I have trouble opening things a lot. Sometimes I can barely hold a brush to do my hair. I open and close them over and over to help work it out-it helps me.

by Cheryl Herringt...  5 years ago

Suzanne Szymon Budd
"Mitten hands"... I love it Kathryn, you explained it perfectly!!!  I'm sorry all of you have to suffer from this, but it's nice to know I'm not alone!

by Suzanne Szymon ...  5 years ago

Steffie Jo
I have hand pain too.  And like many I also get told by my primary oh thats only arthiritis  and there's nothing you can do except what were doing.  Dunb ne I thought it may be nice to know the progression that the A.S is in.  My hand do feel a bit swollen because when i try to make a fist I can feel the tightness in my skin.  And I agree with  Denise and how she feels "very pessimistic right now with all of these so called experts."  I hope your feeling better.

by Steffie Jo 5 years ago

Kim Buracker Armstrong
I wake up in the middle of the night with numbness and pain so bad it feels like someone is stabbing me in the palm of my hands. It wakes me up from a dead sleep. I have AS, fibro, scoliosis, 2 protruding discs and carpal tunnel among other things so who knows which is causing this horrific hand pain. At  least we can all commiserate together I guess :)  Blessings to all~

by Kim Buracker Ar...  5 years ago

DeAnna Holman
Yes- all of the time. It throws my doctor off.

by DeAnna Holman 5 years ago

Jessica Farrell
Yes here to, pain and no swelling.

by Jessica Farrell 5 years ago

I occassionally get pain in my hand and fingers for days or weeks at a time.  But I have never really noticed swelling.  If there is swelling it is very minimal.  I get no redness.  My physiatrist (pain dr) told me to get and use the hot parafin wax for therapy.

by Sherry 5 years ago

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Does anyone else have pain in fingers and hands that does not included swelling or heat. Every online resource describes swelling but my hands/toes/fingers/knees just hurt, sometimes it is so bad its hard to write?

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