Rhonda Trimble

Iritis/Uveitis. Do you guys take off work when you get this, besides the Dr. Visits. My Rheumy thought I would be off 5-7 days with it? I know when I first had it I was off about 6 weeks. I am flared up again, ugh. But what is normal, or is this ever normal?

Asked by Rhonda Trimble 5 years ago iritis

Gareth Waterman
Hi all, do you guys recommend not exercising whilst you have a flare up? I am knew to having iritis and exercise regularly. I have stopped for two weeks but I am getting itchy feet?
Any help or guidance will be gratefully appreciated.

by Gareth Waterman 5 years ago

Elizabeth Winchell
I take a wait and see attitude.  I wait and see if the flare up gets bad enough that I think it would interfere with work or stuff, and if I think it would interfere too much, then I stay home.  Like if my vision is too blurry to drive, then I stay home, because it's also too blurry to read emails or work related books.

by Elizabeth Winch...  5 years ago

Nope, I never take off work when I flare. But this last time was so bad that I literally couldn't see out of the affected eye, and it was hugely light sensitive. I just had them turn off one of the banks of lights in my area, and closed the shades. Took a lot of breaks from looking at my computer screen, too. There's no real reason to take off whole days of work, but it will generally affect *how* you work.

My iritis is chronic, so I pretty much keep drops on standby. No glaucoma yet, so I'm lucky.

Don't know why your doc said you'd be out of work for so long. Doesn't sound like he's dealt with iritis very often.

P.S. I'm now on a pilot program to test whether Restasis can help people who suffer from chronic iritis. We'll see ...

by Chapps 5 years ago

Rhonda Trimble
Well, you guys have answered my question!  I am lucky that I am also able to tell when I am getting a flare very early, and by the time I am able to see the Dr. (within 24 hours) he can't tell that I am having a flare.  I quickly start dropping every hour and then taper down.  

The first time I had a flare was so much worse.  And if my flares were that bad again, and the pain was that bad again, then I would to be at home hiding from all light sources.

I worry now that my 12 year old son might get it.  Once last year, and once this year, he has complained about something irritating in the eye.  We took him to the Dr. But they were unable to see anything.  I sure hope it is nothing.

Thanks AS Members!

by Rhonda Trimble 5 years ago

Jackie Aitchison
I have had iritis on and off for over 30 years, been hospitalised twice. I have the addtional problem of being reactive to the steroid drop and as they have at times been taken at 20 min intervals, has been a huge problem. My eye pressure builds up and can become glaucoma. I have  lost some perifieral vision in my left eye becasue of this. When I was working it would depend on the severity and whether I had the pupil dilated as to whether I could work, Using a computer all day with on occasion both eyes dilated was immpossible. I found however though that I could diagnose a flare up so soon that the docs could barely find it so managed it very well, eventually because of this, as treatment would be minimal.My eyes never went red I just initially felt like an eyelash was in the eye, and cheekbone feeling bruised.I wear specs so they are light reactive as I am very light sensitive now, and we have decided to try a maintenance programme,so i take drops all the time in a very small amount, and it seems to be helping, having a flare at the moment but first for 2 years which is unknown. I use Embrel for AS. But it made no difference to the iritis. It wasn;t till I gave uo work and retired early because of my health that the iritis slowed right down. I maintain that flare up with AS would bring it on, but also stress. In the early days I was off work for long periods with it, but quickly realised i would find it difficult to keep a job, so,as with the AS, had to get on top of managing it and having minimal time off work.
Hope some of this is useful for you.

by Jackie Aitchiso...  5 years ago

Mine is chronic.  I have shaded eye glasses darker on top lighter on bottom  I also have sunglasses that I often wear indoors.  I have my own office, but I have been known to wear them to work.   If it is very very painful and intense I get a shot.   I have been known to use the prednisolone drops every hour during a flare.   I now use dilating drops which helps a lot for the pain.   Twice a day.   My Iriitis has not gone away really in 6 years.  It gets worse and better but never goes away.   I wear my sunglasses as often as I can and if I don't wear them to Walmart or  a store like that it is an instant flare!    You will learn to adapt.   I took a lot of crap at work, some people thought I was faking, but I only lay  in bed with ice packs when the pain is unbearable which is rare now that I know how to deal with it and use all the drops correctly I have learned to see a big flare coming on and head it off at the pass.

by Sally 5 years ago

I always had problems off and on with iritis and uveitis too. Mine starting getting worse and I would have to take time off work because of the light sensitivity and pain or blurred vision. This all stopped after I was diagnosed with AS and started taking Humira. If anything (although, not with my lower back/hip pain), the Humira helped tremendously with my eyes. I haven't had a flare-up since I started on it. I'd ask your doctor about it if you're not already on a biologics. Remicade will also help with the eye flare-ups too.

by Ashley  5 years ago

Gail Fetch Hengen
Not when i had iritis. I just used the drops and all my anti inflammatory meds. Depends on the work you do too i'd assume. My last job was clerk at a hotel.

by Gail Fetch Heng...  5 years ago

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Iritis/Uveitis. Do you guys take off work when you get this, besides the Dr. Visits. My Rheumy thought I would be off 5-7 days with it? I know when I first had it I was off about 6 weeks. I am flared up again, ugh. But what is normal, or is this ever normal?

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