Jacqui Gleason

How much Tramadol works for you? My doc gave me 50 mg pills & one doesn't touch my si or hip joints? What is safe? I see what the web says but I want your experience

Asked by Jacqui Gleason 5 years ago drugs

Steve Anderson

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Most Helpful

I started on Tramadol years ago before it went generic and was known by it's trade name as Ultram.  Sure got cheaper (for insurance company) when it went generic.  Anyway, I was taking 2 50mg 3 or 4 times a day as needed.  ALWAYS took 2 at a time.  I was working in a warehouse back then and I varied on the hours between doses depending on how I was feeling.  Sometimes I took them in 4-5 hours after the last dose, especially knowing that it would take over an hour for them to "kick in" and start working.

I now get most of my ongoing meds from the VA and a few years ago a VA doc switched me over to methadone.  To be honest, I ran short of pills a few months ago due to a SNAFU with the VA and I took some Tramadol that my girl friend/significant other has and they didn't do near the job for me that they used to so I don't know if I could go back to them if something happened where I couldn't get my methadone At the time I was taking tramadol though, I swore buy them but you HAVE to take 2 at a time and you need some flexibility on how often you can take them because they won't last all day like some docs seem to think.  Many times I have wished I could find a good doc who has pain like I do.  Then never seem to believe you when you tell them it just "hurts all over" or it "hurts a BUNCH" even with the pain pills.

Good luck to you with your pain and your relief.

Steve Anderson

by Steve Anderson 5 years ago

Started taking it last night. I was prescribed 50 mg every 6 hours or as needed. It made me a little dizzy at first for like an hour which went away. It seemed to ease some pain and then it gave me some energy. I never have energy so i kinda glad i got some cleaning done and i didn't feel so tired. But im afraid if i take it at night and have trouble sleeping. I just woke up in pain and its 3 in the morning!

by Kate 4 years ago

Mark Kindy
The maximum dosage of tramadol is 400mg/day, at 100mg every 6 hours.  Everyone who's mentioned taking it with tylenol is spot-on, too, as the two combined are more effective together than the sum of their individual effectiveness.

Strangely, whenever I take it, I get an unpleasant hyperactive feeling instead of a standard opiod response.  I don't take it all the time as a result, but when it gets bad, I usually taper up, starting from 50mg every 6 hours until I get relief.  Then I taper back down; I feel even more unpleasant if I just stop it entirely.

by Mark Kindy 5 years ago

I usually do 2 50mg pills per day - morning and evening. Sometimes I treat myself to a mid-day pill, if things are really bad. But I find that masking the pain doesn't really change the fact that I've got inflammation, which changes the mechanics of my body. So it's not entirely satisfying. But I started on 3 pills a day, and I don't think that's very high. I used to take the extended release (ER) version, which was *great*, until my insurance company nixed it.

I also have Vicodin for when I really need relief. I usually only take that at night, maybe twice a week. When flares go on for days, though ... All bets are off.

by Chapps 5 years ago

I Just start taking Tramadol today due to CTS. What I Can say so far is it does take the pain away some what but not all the why. I am taking 1 50mg every eight hours. When I take my next dose I will be taking Tylenol with it just to get a little more pain relief.

by Talesha 2 years ago

Chase Warthen
I take five 200mg er tramadol a day and i am contemplating taking two more right now. At high levels the effects are almost identical to oxycodone.

by Chase Warthen 2 years ago

Doc just took me off vicodin 5/500 and on tramadol 50 mg three times a day, but it does not say how often I can take it? Anyone else take the same 

by Amy 2 years ago

Phyllis Brody-Berry
I take to every three and a half to 4 hours thenthe pain starts again I was in a motorcycle accident with my husband and we are okay we were just in a lot of painso I take this medicine every 3 to 4 hours because if I take it for hours the pain starts over again and it gets worse in the morning I have a lot of painI use Biofreeze that really worksyou guys should try it

by Phyllis Brody-B...  2 years ago

Kierbann Nutchten
I wake up every morning with back pain and hip pain, the pain is chronic, and doctor recommended 50mg of Tramadol as needed. I take one at 8 am and one at 8pm.
At noon I take a Motrin 800mg. This combination allows me to spend the day without pain, or very, very mild pain almost imperceptible. 

by Kierbann Nutcht...  2 years ago

John Lee
Just be care full when starting to take tramadol i am addicted to them now i have been on them for  3 years and they do nothing 4 me now the doctors will not give me anything else to take . Once i wos so depressed i took 30 tramadol at once  they wud of killed me if  my body wunt of been use to them but instead i had bad fits in hospital and that caused me to fracture my ribs  all am saying be carefull with tramadol people  and now i mix other tablets with the tramadol to try and get that feeling they give you but it dont work if i culd turn bk time i wont of took them john lee of bradford plz be carefull

by John Lee 4 years ago

I have been taking Tramadol now for 2 weeks.  It isn't enough to keep my hip, back, and foot pain at bay.  All it does is put me in a stumper while still feeling the severe pain.  I am also taking Meloxicam which helps somewhat but isn't enough by itself.  I recently had 3 teeth pulled and the dentist gave me 16  7.5 hydrocodones, those helped my pain more effectively then the Tramadol.  They did wear off to quickly though.  Any advice on how I should request hydrocodone be ex to me from my pain management doc?

by Snowwhite79 4 years ago

Daria Thompson
I have 50mg tramadol every 8hrs...I have a broken ankle w/3 ligament tears..a broken ankle that was just diagnosed today after over a mobth of being broken...I took one 2 hours ago and I am still in pain...wondering if I can take another 50mg or or not???

by Daria Thompson 5 years ago

Stacy Angeloff
I started 50 mg 2x a day starting Jan 7th this year. I think it has helped a little but my doc never told me about taking the Tylenol with it, I will try that. It does relax me a bit and I also feel like I am not eating as much as I have been, does anyone else have less of an appetite or loss of weight?

by Stacy Angeloff 5 years ago

Roman Reid
I started at 50 mgs at a time but when the pain is pretty bad I take 150 mgs at a time with voltaren that seems to be ok I guess I should check the web.  I have seen scrips that say 1-2 every 4-6 hours as need like the other posters says so I assume that's safe cause I ll only take that dose once or 2 in day

by Roman Reid 5 years ago

I take time release Tramadol 300 mg daily plus tylenol and it has been very effective for me.  I didn't have any benefit when I was taking 50-100 mg through out the day.  The time release version is much more effective for me.

by Sheila 5 years ago

Amy Picklo
I take Tramadol ER (Extended Release).  I take 200mg in the am and it seems to work pretty well in combination with MTX and Plaquinel.  I would definitely talk to the doctor about an increase.  I also recommend the ER form since I only have to take it once a day.

Good luck!

by Amy Picklo 5 years ago

Jason Ferguson
I also take 2 tramadol along with tylenol.  I normally only take it one time a day and I use it along with a hot shower.  I try to take it when I feel the pain coming on because if I wait it seems to have less effect.

by Jason Ferguson 5 years ago

Hi, I also take tramadol, I am the same 50mg doesn't do anything for the hips, I usually end up taking two to make it 100mg.  I told the doc this and he gave me 100mg slow release tablets, this has been working better and has not given me the same drowsy effect as two 50mg regular tablets does.  The packet says and a doctor also told me that the max you can take in 1 day is 200mg, so I am able to take up to that amount in one day, co 4x50mg or 2x100mg.  I usually take 100mg in the morning to get me through the day and 50mg at night to help me sleep.

by Carmen 5 years ago

My script says 50mg Tramadol 1-2 tabs every 4-6 hours. I usually take 1 pill in the morning with soma to loosen up and take the edge off morning stiffness. Sometimes at night my pain in my butt bones, tailbone and hip is too much so i take 2 tabs Tramadol along with 650mg of Tylenol. My rheum told me to take them together because it amplifies it and it does help. Doesnt take the pain completely away.... But it makes it much much more tolerable. On bad days I've done 3 somas and 100mg of Tramadol with Tylenol 3 times a day. I'm inbetween TNF blockers right now... Humira and Enbrel failed me... So I'm waiting for Remicade. So I've been alot more liberal in taking the Tramadol.  I hope this helps you even a little. Feel better hunni <3

by Andrea 5 years ago

Wow.  Found this blog by mistake.  Bunch of pill heads.

by Kkjllllm 1 year ago

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How much Tramadol works for you? My doc gave me 50 mg pills & one doesn't touch my si or hip joints? What is safe? I see what the web says but I want your experience

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