Jackie Aitchison

I have often, when over tired, felt my skin itchy, almost like something crawling - wandered if any others had this sensation?

Asked by Jackie Aitchison 5 years ago symptom?


Perepheral Neuropathy/Small Fiber Neuropathy.  Simply a nuisance.  I take Tylenol-3 at night to calm it, otherwise I just go along with the joke my body is playing on me. 


Ants crawling, trailing tingle, hot, hot pokes, electric pokes, cold pokes, icy spots, bites, feeling of water, cold water or mist on other body parts when washing hands, yarn between my toes, itching everywhere including in nose and ears to feet.  They get worse when I am fatigued.   

by Sheila 1 year ago

Kristie Pelletier
Itchy crawly feeling is often from the TNF blockers.  I get that often on Humira.

by Kristie Pelleti...  5 years ago

Gillian C
Definitely. I also find clothes irritating....can't wear wool unless it is ultra soft lambswool mixed with angora.

by Gillian C 5 years ago

Thanks for asking this question.  I was assuming it was only me!

by Beckyg 5 years ago

Well, it can also be caused during exertion, when little capillaries are being created to bring extra blood/oxygen near the surface of your skin. This happens to a lot of people who aren't used to working out, or get physically over tired. Not sure if that's what you're experiencing. Or it could be a histamine reaction. Something for your doc to puzzle out.

by Chapps 5 years ago

Elizabeth Winchell
I have been itchy all my life, and have been on Humira for I think less than 2 years.  Itching is a manifestation of pain.  If you are experiencing inflammation, feeling itchy would be a definite possibility.

by Elizabeth Winch...  5 years ago

I am not on any TNFs and I have had a problem with itch since the mid 90s. I have had to take an anti histamine or the itch continues to get worse and worse. It was at about this time too that I had an xray for a back injury and the doctor noticed fusing in the lumbar region and said it was just a birth defect.I might add that even after mentioning it to my rheumy and any other doctor I have seen that it has gone unexplained.

by Steve  5 years ago

I have noticed this lately too.  Not sure if i was overly tired.  I was thinking i just have dry skin.  Wondered if it had something to do with the remicade and all the pain meds.  There is so much unknown.  I find myself questioning everything these days.  I have noticed a rash around my mid section too that doesn't really itch.  Showed it to the rheumy and she wasn't too concerned about it.

by Karen 5 years ago

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I have often, when over tired, felt my skin itchy, almost like something crawling - wandered if any others had this sensation?

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