How long does it take for sciatic nerve pain to heal? My PT is thinking that something is pinched. Is there any special test that should be ran? My Rhuemy is telling me to hold off seeing him till April when my next appt is.

Asked by Kimberly 5 years ago sciatica nerve pain pt

Charly Case
I had the most HORRIBLE sciatica from April 2013 until October 2013 when I had back surgery for a herniated disc L2-3 which was the source of the pain for me.  
Before the surgery I couldn't go into work some days because of the pain - was on multiple types of narcotic pain killers which didn't hardly work at all - if someone had offered to cut off my leg, I would have said go ahead.  That's how painful it was.  I finally changed doctors and the new one looked at my mri and said you are never going to get rid of the pain unless you get surgery.  I went ahead with it, he was very convincing, and after the procedure - 2 hours later I was back home recuperating - the pain had almost completely disappeared, until I went in for physical therapy which turned it back on somewhat! - grrrrr - but basically the horrible, incapacitating pain I had had, was gone.  It's been almost a year now since - I can still feel sensitivity in the nerve just rubbing my leg - but that's slooooowly going away - my nerve may have been damaged for life, I don't know, but it's not painful anymore, just sensitive.  The most wonderful feeling.  The top of my foot is still pins and needles and I suspect that may be attributed to a bulging disc on another vertebrae - I was told it can take 12-18 months to completely heal, so I am not concerned.  I can go on long walks now, and even jog but I have to be careful with my back because I don't want to put excessive pressure on those vertebra for a while.  All in all, my advice to you, get the surgery.  It's painless, safe and effective.  The shots did nothing for me, the meds did nothing for me, the surgery worked.  Thank God.  I know what you're going through, and please know there is relief with the surgery.  There are two other people in my neighborhood with sciatica, so you're not alone.  (As I said, I had a herniated disc smooshing my nerve, so I can't really speak for stenosis or any other cause for sciatica.)  I'll be praying for you.  The Lord is our Healer!  

by Charly Case 1 year ago

Mine has been over a month and a half I have been going to a chiropator and it is getting better and with biofreeze I can do more then I have been able to do so see a chiropractor they can help because it is the bones that are pinching your nerves mine is L3,L4,L5 go see one they really do help

by Penny 4 years ago

Tammy Sheehan
I injured my back 3 yrs ago,which resulted in a ruptured disc. I got an injection the first round of pain in my sciatica and it lasted a couple years. However when it came back it was worse than ever!! I got to the point where I was walking nearly bent in half. The pain was so much worse that I couldn't sleep and could find any pain meds to help. They done another MRI and it showed the disc had blow out much more than that of my 1st one. The Dr. Didn't think another injection would work but they tried anyway.......mistake!! It only made it worse...more and more pressure. She then sent me to see a surgeon and he ordered my surgery for the next day.He said it was much worse than even he had thought besides the many bone fragments he also found to chunks the size of a half a chicken nugget, by the time I got back in my room I was a new woman,no pain except from the incision in my back which was only suppose to be an inch an a half...turned into 4 inches because of the severity. Neverthless, I had no pain..I could stand up straight.I was up sitting in a chair 5 minutes after I got in my room and walking the halls in about 3 hrs. I believe this surgery saved my life. For those of you that haven't had nerve pain that might be hard to is the worst pain ever. My surgery was only 3 weeks ago and I still am having tingling and weakness down my leg. My incision is almost completely healed. It is hard to remember not to over do it. Listen to your Dr. So this don't happen again. Don't wait...get the surgery.

by Tammy Sheehan 4 months ago

I hope that you have completely recovered from your sciatica .
if so , will you be able to help me with my sciatica started a week ago ?
i'd like to mention that the cause was very simple "just straining " but the pain is too hard to tolerate .
special thanks to everybody helping

by Mohammed 1 year ago

I have been dealing with this for about six weeks now. The pain is the worst pain I've ever felt. I have been going to P T twice a week and the chiropractor several visits. It's not getting any better. I wouldn't hold off you can damage your nerves if you let it go! Request a MRI and laying and standing x rays. Good luck to ya.   I know I would rather have six babies     Take Care BLC

by Bonnie 3 years ago

Hi guys the best thing to do is get your atlas bone realined in your neck so it can straighten out your spine i had it done for $200 and it has really helped me alot i only get sciatic pain now if i lift to much also a tans machine and deer velvet helps also

by Mike 3 years ago

Marisa Valle
Mine has never healed I have had it for about 4 years and have had several different types of injections physical therapy everything and I am tired of being in pain and taking meds all the time I want to do the surgery I am just scared I hear so many horror stories but I do hear good ones too that is whats so confusing.

by Marisa Valle 3 years ago

Sutha Wilfred
I  have been having sciatic nerve pain for about a week.  Today is the 5th day and after taking celery juice every morning and tamarind capsules, and further to that, some simple stretching exercises, there has been a great improvement.  I am just being walking a little slow just to be cautions and careful when I bend.  I belief it should be improving by the days to come. I heard the celery juice  and tamarind capsules reduces the pain.  Hope this info is of some help.

by Sutha Wilfred 4 years ago

My sciatic nerve pain comes and goes throughout the day and I have been dealing with it for years.  Multiple MRIs have shown only bulging and degeneration.  The sharp pain starts right below the si joint and shoots through buttocks and down back or side of leg and goes into top outside of foot.  I think it is caused by si joint inflammation, which gets worse after activity.  It has decreased since taking enbrel.  Good luck to you.  It stinks!

by Jodi 5 years ago

Catherine Terry
3.5 weeks isn't nearly enough time. You need to reduce the inflammation. Are you getting e-stim during your PT appointments? If you don't have relief by April, you can discuss it with your Rheumy then. I've had chronic nerve pain in one area of the body or another for 6-months or more. Heck, I had a knee that kept collapsing on me for over a year. Then magically it all went away (and another pain in another area popped up). If you're still flaring then you really need to get the inflammation under control. The sciatic pain won't heal until then.

by Catherine Terry 5 years ago

Kathy Schaefer
Get thee to a physical therapist.  I had sciatic nerve pain for awhile when my hip joint was breaking down.  Then it went away.  It could very likely be pinched, in which case physical therapy would be very beneficial.  You did say it helped. So get back there!  Have your GP write you out a prescription for physical therapy at your favorite place.  That's what I did.

by Kathy Schaefer 5 years ago

I just wanted to add, that I was diagnosed with sciatic nerve pain by the ER dr.  He told me that I needed to start PT as soon as possible and follow up with my Rhuemy.  My Rhuemy just faxed over orders for PT and never saw me, they said they would see me at my next appt in April.  I've been doing PT for about 3 1/2wks.  My therapist thinks something might be pinched.  PT was helping some, but over the weekend I've really flared up.  Sitting down I can't lift my right leg up without a lot of pain.  The pain shoots downwards from my spin to my ankle.  Does anyone have any advice?  Thanks!

by Kimberly 5 years ago

Jan Niicce
The problem is sciatic nerve pain isnt really something you can reverse.  If your sciatic nerve or spinal cord is getting pinched because you have blown discs or fusion, there isnt a lot you can do about it.  You can get pain meds or try physical therapy, or try a tens unit,  but if you have spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of your spinal cord canal.....then there really is no fixing that.  That is something that is only going to get worse if the discs keep slipping and hitting the cord or nerves.  Sure you can try to have back surgery once it gets bad enough, but i know people that have had it done and they are in just as much pain permanently or more than before.  Try your best not to make things worse and avoid lifting anything heavy.

by Jan Niicce 5 years ago

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How long does it take for sciatic nerve pain to heal? My PT is thinking that something is pinched. Is there any special test that should be ran? My Rhuemy is telling me to hold off seeing him till April when my next appt is.

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