David Miller

The doctor increased my Humira injection from once every two weeks to once a week and I am wondering if anyone experienced any issues when their dosage was increased to weekly? I do have to say the pain and stiffness have definitely improved.

Asked by David Miller 5 years ago humira

Efrem Bravo
Anyone on prednisone while taking this humira what is the side's effects

by Efrem Bravo 3 weeks ago

My sister was increased to once a week because of her eyes.

by Cathy 5 years ago

Vic Parnell
I'm planning on staying on my present dose. (bi-weekly) until it totally is ineffective, as my biggest fear is  not having any relief from these medications.

Best of luck to you, and I hope your relief lasts for a long time.

by Vic Parnell 5 years ago

Jerry Grynspan
Everybody is different.for me it's worked great for a few years taking it weekly. Had to battle with my insurance every year when they would deny weekly usage. Always ended up the same with them eventually granting permission to use it weekly. Unfortunately, it seems to have run its course. Pain levels are back up and opportunistic infections are on the increase. It's like the disease is too smart for the drug co's. Every time they come up with a good drug, it comes up with a way to damage my joints anyways.

by Jerry Grynspan 5 years ago

Jennifer Neal
I started Humira a few months ago and it has helped tremendously and I am on the every other week.  But as Chapps stated I also have a CRASH period before my next injection so I am going to see what my Rhuem says about this.

I wanted to say to Randy Tate that on the Humira website they have info about getting help to pay for it if your insurance doesn't cover it.  But I would not accept no for an answer from the insurance right away either.  You need to document your pain and other symptoms and also the differents meds you have tried.  Keep a record of how you felt with the one Humira injection compared to all other options.  You can then request a case manager from your insurance company and provide this documentation along with anything you have from a DR to back you up and ask for them to review your case and see what happens.  It sounds like a lot of work but if you can get it covered it may make a huge difference in your life.

by Jennifer Neal 5 years ago

Meredith Nesbitt
I also have been upped to once a week.  But lately, I am experiencing more pain...  I feel that the Humira is loosing its effectiveness with time...

by Meredith Nesbit...  5 years ago

Jennifer Winter
I had no issues when they upped my dose to once a week either.  I've actually had less colds since he's doubled it than I had before.  I'm not sure if it has to do with the meds but I'm happy about it.

by Jennifer Winter 5 years ago

Jeffrey Ritter
My doctor prescribed one dosage per week right from the start. I definitely needed it as I was very stiff and painful, and within about 3 months I was in really good shape. What a blessing. I'm still taking one injection per week (it's been over 2 years now) - and I still feel very good. I may now need it only once every two weeks, but I haven't discussed this option with my rheumatologist yet.

by Jeffrey Ritter 5 years ago

Randy Tate
I also had that and saw significant improvement, however, it was only once as my doctor gave me a sample dose in an attempt to get my insurance to pay for it but they would not. Glad you are able to have your insurance pay for yours! Good luck!

by Randy Tate 5 years ago

The one time the doc did this over a month ago, I got a great boost. As usual, it took a few days, but having three injections in three weeks really got me back within the 'normal' range for a while. I'm back to every two weeks, and I start to crash about three days before my next injection. My doc is watching this and will probably give me weekly boosters at irregular intervals, as needed. I had no bad side effects.

Humira has really improved my quality of life. It's not perfect - days are up and down - but it's far better than without Humira. Remicade was the best - when it worked. Unfortunately, it didn't work for very long.

by Chapps 5 years ago

Samantha Peterson
I switched to every 10 days and it made a huge difference in how I felt.  I have not had any increase of infection or sickness since uping the dose.

by Samantha Peters...  5 years ago

I had no issues upping my dose, besides getting bronchitis a few times during the winter I was fine.  I did have a problem when my insurance decided to not pay for it anymore.  So, after a year and a half on a double dose I am back to one shot every other week. You win some and you lose some... Good luck!  I hope it helps you!

by Jamie 5 years ago

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The doctor increased my Humira injection from once every two weeks to once a week and I am wondering if anyone experienced any issues when their dosage was increased to weekly? I do have to say the pain and stiffness have definitely improved.

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