Samantha Peterson

How long did your SI steriod injection last? I had one in September and I am starting to feel the pain in the SI joint again. I'm kinda bummed because I thought it would last longer.

Asked by Samantha Peterson 5 years ago SI¬†joints

My first ones were done by a doc under a florascope, and he hit them both dead on.  Such relief!!  It lasted almost 6 months and then I felt the pain returning.  I waited almost another 6 months for the clinic to open their new pain clinic and went to a new person.  By this time I could hardly walk or sit, and was exhausted all the time.  She also used a florascope and dye because now both SI joints were fused and she couldn't get the needle into the joint so she just injected around the joint area.  No relief there.  Did a MRI to confirm the fusion.  They still want to try one more time, but I don't.

by Carla 5 years ago

Dina McCulloch
I have had the relief last for 6 -12 weeks with many of them.  It was when I first started getting them with a different dr. That it seemed like he "missed" the joint.  My latest dr. That was so good with the injections a pain specialist & Anesthesiologist, left his field several years ago and and in my exit exam told me that the SI injection was so hard to get right that he didn't recommend very many in his field to do it.  Said that some would just get frustrated trying to get the needle into the joint and would inject close to the joint instead and that's why the relief only lasts a short while.  It's not in the joint doing it's work, it's in the muscle instead.

If you don't get longer lasting relief after a couple of injections, I wouldn't keep getting them, or I would try to find a dr. That maybe had better track record.  When the injections work, it is so worth it!

Good luck and I hope you start feeling better.

by Dina McCulloch 5 years ago

Steffie Jo
It really only seemed to help me for the first few days.  Then he switched to a different medication and nothing there either.  I was so excited to maybe get some relief and I ended up crying because it didn't happen.  I thought it was me.  I went in for a few more times but you can only get it done like three times a year or something like that.  My pain doc said he wouldn't do it again because he was afraid that he was going to do more damage then good.   But it is different for each person.

by Steffie Jo 5 years ago

Elizabeth Winchell
It can vary from person to person how long the shot will last.  In fact, it can vary from one shot to the next for the same person.  Sometimes the shot is really dead on and goes in deep enough into the pain.  Sometimes it's not exactly right in the bullseye.  Steroid shots do not help my mom at all.  For her it's a complete waste of money.  Most people aren't like her.  Fingers crossed that your doctor will help you fix this somehow.  I'm so sorry you are back in pain again already.

by Elizabeth Winch...  5 years ago

Jess Clark
I just got the injections done, 1st round today, one in each hip. I just so terribly want to wake up one day without feeling as though I want yank out my spine. I'm so despirate @ this point, I had hopes of it working atleast a few years but will be joyous & thankful to wake up pain free for a few months vs constant pain for the last 7.

by Jess Clark 5 years ago

Pain was worse for a couple days, then somewhat better for the next couple of days.  Not worth it.  
Just had a cortisone injection before vacation and that made my trip more comfortable.
Good luck!

by Jodi 5 years ago

Amy Picklo
Hi Samantha -

Usually my rheumie won't give them more often than once every three months.

by Amy Picklo 5 years ago

Jerry Grynspan
Had a series done in my shoulder by my doc's junior associate. Did nothing. A week later my doc repeated using ultrasound to insure precise placement. Only marginal help. Switched from trying to use cortisone to using valium orally. Better results, but still only of marginal help. Just one of those really bad flares that comes with change of seasons. Can't use NSAIDs because I am on blood thinners. Humira and prednisone are all I take for AS.

by Jerry Grynspan 5 years ago

I had to have two done in two weeks to hit different bundles. They showed me the picture of the second and the tiny space he threaded the needle through and I've been afraid to have it done again. They gave some relief for a few months.

by Gregs763 5 years ago

It only lasted about a month for me.Wasn't worth it for me.

by Amanda 5 years ago

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How long did your SI steriod injection last? I had one in September and I am starting to feel the pain in the SI joint again. I'm kinda bummed because I thought it would last longer.

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