Jackie Aitchison

The knuckles on my hands which are swollen and painfull, usually feel good when hot ie in hot water- tonight they are sore and hot and itchy! Anyone else know what this would be?

Asked by Jackie Aitchison 6 years ago as symptoms

Mary Ellen
Jackie, does the skin on our fingers feel tight, almost like sausages straining at the casing?  I have that, along with the itching.  It's part of my Psortiatic Arthritis and I've found that some rheumy's are bored with the usual symptoms and some patitents that want to know what's going on with their bodies.  I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with one doc when I finally said....wait a minute, if this was you, would you be content with 'oh, that's just (fill in the blank)'  I don't think so.  I come to you for guidance and more than what I can find with "Dr Google".  Now, can you help me help myself?  How can we work on a good working relationship with each other?"  That got his attention without being too mean.  After all, we enter into a contract relationship with them.  Let's ask our doctors how we can work best with each other.  Show them that we are more than our complaints and ask them to treat us accordingly.

Wow, was I on a soapbox or what?  Back to the itching, I attribute that to the swelling that comes with inflamation.  I wear compression gloves at night, that helps in the morning.  I also use hot wax baths on my hands/wrists.  Not only does that send warmth all the way to the bones, it moisturizes the skin.  I also have one of those little pea-like bumps on the pointer finger at the joint below fingernail, and one on my big toe.  It's just another way our bones react to inflamation.

by Mary Ellen  6 years ago

Samantha Peterson
I haven't had this in my hands yet but I have a similar problem in my neck with the itchy, hot  feeling.  I have a feeling that the itchiness, hotness is because that area is having a lot of inflamation.  I start taking my celebrex again since I don't take it on a regular basis because Humira usually does the trick.  I also get a massage and use heat and ice or some BioFreeze.

by Samantha Peters...  6 years ago

Elizabeth Winchell
Sometimes it helps to alternate back and forth every 10 minutes for a while between warm and cold.  So I'll wrap frozen peas in a towel and rest it on my swollen joints, and I may have to take it off and put it on a few times, but I'll try to do what icing I can to bring down the inflammation.  Then for the next 10 minutes I put my hands in warm water.  Then the ice again.  Then put new hot/warm water in the sink to reheat up what's there, and do 10 minutes of warming.  The cold therapy brings down swelling, and the warming brings back the circulation in your hands.  Both warm and cold can ease pain.  Alternating back and forth keeps things healthy.  Don't know if this will do it for you, but worth a shot, and sometimes it really helps me.  Fingers crossed for you to feel better soon.

by Elizabeth Winch...  6 years ago

I've dealt with the swollen knuckles for years. It can be another symptom of AS, inflammation of the joints in the hand. That was one of the early warning signs for me, and one of the sure ways that I know I don't have inflammation under control.

It's also a hallmark of Psa (psoriatic arthritis) and other rheumatoid style diseases. You should discuss with your doctor.

by Chapps 6 years ago

Hiya Jackie,
Did this happen after you went from the cold to the warm inside? It happens to me and I had a test for reynauds (it came back negative but keeping my hands at a normal temp always helps!)
It also sometimes happens if I get over-heated at night, I take my ring off before I go to bed as a precaution now. Hope your hand calms down soon, take care . X

by Abbsi 6 years ago

Jackie, this happened to me for the first time ever in my life 4 years ago, yet BOTH my hands ballooned up and you couldnt even see any of my knuckles.  It was a complete mystery.  I went to the ER and they were baffled.

After many years I learned that it is indeed an allergic reaction to, get this,  NICKEL.. :/

Apparently MILLIONS of people have a nickel allergy.  Please research that and look it up.

Itching is usually do to dermatitis and more than anything itching is an indication of an ALLERGIC reaction.
I hope you feel better.  :)

by K 5 years ago

Jerry Grynspan
Itching is asymptomatic of AS. 2 possibilities  1 is that it isn't AS but a different hlab-27 disease. Equally likely is that it's a side effect of one of your meds.  Read up on the side effects. Whenever I get a prescription my pharmacy prints out the list of warnings side effects etc. Try reading it and note that side effects like pruritis means itching. TNF drugs lead to fungal infections which are itchy, and susceptibility to viruses like herpes (cold sore variety not genital) which are itchy. Eye problems should be directed IMMEDIATELY to optho.herpes of eye feels like iritis/uveitis but needs special drug therapy'.

by Jerry Grynspan 6 years ago

Steffie Jo
Hi Jackie......good to see you.

Mine are pretty much the same way. Except I have these pea size bumps on either side of my knuckles on my hands.  The rhuemy just touched and kinda rubbed them and said "huh, not to sure what that is"  and then she moved onto the next thing on her computer.  I'm not to sure but everyone said it looks like Arthritis.  That made me feel better....not!  But you are right, putting them in hot water helps a lot.  I don't use to much cold water because it hurts like hell.  I found out when I was doing laundry and I pushed the clothes down into the water and man oh man,  that makes them hurt so bad.  I hope that helped a little to easy your mind.

by Steffie Jo 6 years ago

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The knuckles on my hands which are swollen and painfull, usually feel good when hot ie in hot water- tonight they are sore and hot and itchy! Anyone else know what this would be?

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