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What kind of pain medications does your doctor give you? Mine won't give me anything that works.

Asked by Diana Coniglio 6 years ago pain management

Cindy K

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If you don't have a problem with drugs or alcohol, the Dr. Should work with you to manage your pain. I would schedule an appt. To address the issue and if he still won't work with you, get another Dr.! We treat our animal's pain better than our people in this country(USA) The addiction word is everywhere. If you have pain you need to control it, if that means you become dependent (totally different than addiction) then so be it. Diabetics are DEPENDENT in insulin, hypertensives are DEPENDENT on calcium blockers. It's a quality of life issue and everyone deserves to be as pain free as possible as long as it's not detrimental to your overall wellbeing. Ok off my soapbox....this is a pet peeve of mine. I believe they should legalize marijuana, it does less harm than alcohol and cigarettes, control it, tax it and use the taxes to help fund universal healthcare!! It's a sin that a person in this country can lose their home because they had the misfortune to become seriously ill. SORRY:) I have some strong feelings on this matter, please forgive me.

by Cindy K 6 years ago

It's an ongoing process - what works for one person doesn't always work for another. I'm sure your doc doesn't want you to be in pain, but a lot of docs are uncomfortable with pain management. And if there's a past of any addiction, they *really* get cautious.

You might want to see a pain management doc - that's their only business. And I agree that prednisone is awful.

by Chapps 6 years ago

Vicki Cannavaro Baroody
Antioxidants to reduce the inflammation, and therefore pain; in particular, one that combines pycnogenol (pine bark extract), grape seed extract, red wine extract, bilberry extract & citrus bioflavanoids. Have you tried acupuncture?

by Vicki Cannavaro...  6 years ago

Tim Cassidy
I take oxycodone 30mg my last visit with my Dr I told her that it wasn't working that good any more, that my body has got to where I would take two at a time and it would not help. I ask her to give me something else that would work. She told me that I have been taking it to long to stop that I would have withdrawls so she give me moraphine patches to wear and that I would be able to take the oxycodone that with the patches the pain meds would work. That if I wanted to get off oxycodone to taper it down until my body could go without them. Im thankful that I have a Dr that is concerned about my overall pain and inflamation. If I didn't have pain I would not take them but as long as I hurt I will take pain meds. I feel sorry for anyone with AS that there Dr won't prescribe them pain meds.

by Tim Cassidy 6 years ago

Honestly why dont you just stop asking for medication people, u obviously don't really need it unless you are in bad shape due to an accident of some sort. Go to the store and get some aleve. The ER wont give you anything anyways , to many people ruined that already. Don't even waste your time with the ER and doctors these days its not like it was years ago. Give it a break no doctors want to anymore, there scared to death by stupid people that od or get caught doing stupid shit , they dont give out painmeds anymore those times are done with. Also Please don't walk into to sn er unless your having a real emergency, thats what the er is there for , not for giving out pain pills for every one. Give it a break people , like I said those days are over.  Unless you are really really in pain.....  Lol ,not some stupid athritis or lil head ache lol. Get a life stop blowing it up for the rest of us out there!!!!

by Pain  3 years ago

Tiarra Green
You tell him ur an idiot!!!!! It's people like YOU that make it hard for chronic pain sufferers like ME to get the pain meds we ACTUALLY NEED to live a normal day!!!!!! You make me and many others SICK YOU FREAK!!!!!!

by Tiarra Green 3 years ago

Didi Hart
A few weeks ago I got in a accident and got referred to a pain management doc, my primary doc prescribed me oxycodone five mg in the mean time they are not doing anything for me, would a pain man doc maybe prescribe 15s? And do physical therapist prescribe pain meds?

by Didi Hart 4 years ago

Catherine Terry
DO consider Cymbalta - an anti-depressant that has shown to help patients with chronic pain.

I will warn you that you have to get up to a "therapeutic dose" so it won't work immediately and you can't quit without doing a long, slo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-w taper. You also can't miss a dose without experiencing serious side effects. Yes, it is a powerful drug, but if nothing else is working Cymbalta really can help with the pain without taking narcotics (which do nothing for the inflammation.)

I love prednisone, BTW.

by Catherine Terry 5 years ago

Not knowing your situation, I have to say that when the inflammation is managed the pain can be better managed. Fortunately, I haven't had to rely on pain meds per se. Celebrex has done the trick for me. I've tried Methotrexate and Enbrel and had adverse reactions. Naproxen didn't so squat. Like Chapps and others have said, it really is an ongoing process. What works for one person may not work for another. What should not be happening though is a Dr that won't listen or try to help you. I agree that many Drs are uncomfortable with pain management. If a rheumy isn't giving you the help you need, maybe try a pain management Dr.

by Matthew 5 years ago

Cecily Price
I also take Neurontin (Gabapentin) 900mg at night. It is for nerve pain, it is not an anti inflamatory med. I take Meloxicam ( Mobic) which is , when Ibuprofin no longer did much good. And Vicodin for the pain. Doc's will always start you on meds that are not strong, and work their way up from there. I went to several docs,before being recommended to this Pain Mgmt doc. Maybe you just need to keep looking , til you find one that fits your needs.

by Cecily Price 5 years ago

Kim Buracker Armstrong
I take oxycodone, hydrocodone, zanaflex, ketoprofen, and ativan. Barely budges the pain/anxiety from the pain anymore.

by Kim Buracker Ar...  5 years ago

Michelle De Long
My Rhuemy won't give me anything for pain and as I am getting older, it is getting worse. I am going to have to find a new doctor. She keeps saying 'Take your Enbrel"  Well I am taking my Enbrel, I have been on Enbrel for 7 years, but the pain is getting worse. In my past experience with things like surgery or teeth extractions, opiate like drugs do not work for me.  Ibuprofen is just not cutting it anymore. I HURT.

by Michelle De Lon...  6 years ago

Jeffrey Ritter
Tramadol has worked fine for me when I needed pain relief. My rheumatologist prescribed some for me without hesitation, once I described the pain.

by Jeffrey Ritter 6 years ago

I do not bother with anything that my doctor offers. Instead I use natural treatments. One site where I fould a lot of information about all this is called


Worth a look, but they do not actually sell anything there, it is just information

Kind regards


by Joannesford 6 years ago

Jerry Grynspan
Percocet 5/325. Normally don't take it often, but lately taking it daily due to a bad flare-up. NSAID's are off limits since I'm on blood thinners due to pulmonary embolisms 2 years ago. Had 2 sets of cortisone injections in my shoulder within a week just 2 weeks ago with limited success. First set of shots did nothing while second set had limited success. Figure I'm pretty close to filing for disability with the social security administration. If they give me anything more potent I won't be able to work, but if they don't I'm in too much pain to work.

by Jerry Grynspan 6 years ago

Heather Winkler
I see a pain management doctor who gave me Norco 10/325 (for pain), Ibuprofen 800 ( for pain/stiffness) as needed, Soma (for muscle spasms in my back), Neurontin (for nerve issues due to pinched nerves) I also take Methotrexate, folic acid and starting my first TNF tomorrow (Remicade). Get a good pain management doctor it will make a wold of difference. Good luck = )

by Heather Winkler 6 years ago

I have been taking moraphine M-ESLON slow release for 3 years .The last two years I could not take any anti inflamitories because of stomach issues . I have also had where my regular doctor was away have his replacement refuse to give me the moraphne even though there is no addiction issues .Some doctors just seem to be that way . I guess they have not expreienced enough pain .The body gets dependent on the stuff and it is a rough 6 0r 7 days if you just quit . There is a big differnce between the body being dependant and the mind being dependent and if it helps they should give it to you . Starting Humira next week and hoping I acn get away from the other stuff

by Sheridan 6 years ago

Jennafer Ross
I have been able to manage with naproxin which i get from my primary - although during a flare this does not work.  I also take Simponi 1x month

by Jennafer Ross 6 years ago

Rose Bigham
I see a pain management specialist in addition to my rheumatologist.  Collectively, I've got on board:

Enbrel - immune suppressant
Mobic - anti-inflammatory
Lyrica - for fibromyalgia
Cymbalta - for the heck of it, for general pain
**Morphine sulfate - time release, low-dose morphine
** Soma - muscle relaxant

My pain doc says the two main pain management drugs are Morphine and Methadone.  (Apparently Methadone is very good but it has a negative connotation because of its use for heroin addicts)

The danger with both of them is that as your body gets used to them they could become less effective over time.  I do feel much better than I used to now that I'm on morphine 24x7.  If you have no addiction issues then I definitely recommend it.

by Rose Bigham 6 years ago

Licia Carla Isotton Alves
I've been using Neurontin 600mg, 3 to 5 pills a day, since day one. It works greatly for me, thank God!

by Licia Carla Iso...  6 years ago

Denise Cornell
Mine won't either, but it is due to previous drug and alcohol addiction.  I take Flexril and Amitripyline (for migraines).  I also take 800 mg of IB.  When I am in a really bad flare he gives me predisone dose package.

by Denise Cornell 6 years ago

Im wanting some vicoden or percocet from the e.r. . What do i tell them is hurting

by Vern 3 years ago

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What kind of pain medications does your doctor give you? Mine won't give me anything that works.

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