Has anyone tried a gluten free diet and if so, has it worked?

Asked by Amanda 6 years ago diet

I have been gluten free for a couple of months, and the pain I have had for one year disappeared. It came back when I ate grains. And disappeared when I excluded the grains again. Seems like there is a connection for me. There's wheatstarch / gluten added to almost any processed food in the store. In some articles it is argued that antibodies against gluten may stay in the body for six months every time you eat gluten.

by Hanna 4 years ago

Jackie Aitchison
Interesting, I had been considering trying this but it appears not a lot of point

by Jackie Aitchiso...  6 years ago

Chris Shrier
I have been gluten-free for about three years.  I was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years before getting diagnosed with AS. It's about time for another auto-immune disease to strike. Bad things happen in three's?  Hope not!
I can't say that eating gluten-free has done anything to slow down my AS.  As a matter of fact, it got more active then ever before after I started the new diet. Thank God I finally went to a doctor who recognized it. I am now taking Enbrel and have felt better than ever for most of the last year. I worry that it may be losing it's effectiveness because I have been flaring up for several weeks now.

by Chris Shrier 6 years ago

Tried it for a good long while, but it did nothing for me. I think it may just be people who are gluten/wheat sensitive, in which case it might make their AS symptoms worse.

In fact, eating bread actually calms my gut issues down. It has ever since my intestinal surgery at age 7. A carbonated beverage will help as well. And now everyone is yelling to get off wheat and carbonated beverages. Well, maybe that works for them.

by Chapps 6 years ago

Jacqui Gleason
If I eat grains of wheat I can feel it within an hour in my joints.  However, staying gluten-free doesn't fix my AS.  I am still in pain everyday.  Wheat exascerbates it for sure, along with certain weather-patterns.

by Jacqui Gleason 6 years ago

Catherine Terry
I'm wheat-free / GF but it hasn't done anything for my AS. It is wonderful for my allergies and GI issues, though.

by Catherine Terry 6 years ago

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Has anyone tried a gluten free diet and if so, has it worked?

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