Hedy Francois

Is your lumbar-sacrum area very sensitive to touch? Mine is and the pain is excruciating when you press at certain areas. My Rheumy thinks it isn't AS pains.

Asked by Hedy Francois 5 years ago lumbar-sacrum area sensitive to touch?

Elizabeth Winchell

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Most Helpful

I think your rhumy could be mistaken.  I had excruciating pain in lumbar-sacrum area from my backpack just around the time I got diagnosed with AS.  Once I started treatment for AS, the pain improved considerably.  I had these little localized areas that felt like they were on fire if/when touched by my backpack.  I had to start wearing my backpack the wrong way around (on my front) because of the pain.  I also had trouble if those pain areas got touched when I sat in chairs.  Had to sleep on my side at night.  Do these pains feel as if they are a kind of flare up?  If flare up, can you add NSAIDS to your meds for a while to try to knock out the flare up?  Also suggest trying alternating ice pack with heating pad/warm packs.  Warming eases pain, and icing reduces inflammation which (in the longer term) eases pain.  Also a possibility to help ease pain, acupuncture.

by Elizabeth Winch...  5 years ago

Catherine Terry
It is possible you're not feeling bone pain - as in direct AS fusion pain - but inflamed ligaments, tendons, nerves and muscles is still chronic inflammation and apart of the same syndrome. My Rheumy once floated the idea, "Is it possible you have fibromyalgia?" Well, yes, DUH!?!?! The muscle soreness is just apart of it but it is so much more.

by Catherine Terry 5 years ago

Sara Filion
I've also got this problem and AS. I've got to be careful with everything I do so that nothing touches or bumps this area on my back. I've had it for years and nothing has helped to improve the pain in this area.

by Sara Filion 2 weeks ago

Lumbar-Sacrum from AS, you bet.  I have constant pain there.  When I am actively flaring it's out of control.  

In regards to the TNF blockers, yea they lower your immune system.  That's part of the deal with these meds.  It lowers mine as well but I accept that as part of the treatment.  I have no other choice.  Being on TNF blockers is tolerable as long as you follow protocol to keep yourself from harms way of germs and viri.  

Get your flu shots or any other immunizations you and your doc think you might need.  Start using hand sanitizer like you have stock in the company.  During flu season I keep a surgical mask with me all the time.  If some inconsiderate mom lets her  child run around loose flinging flu infested snot around, I mask up and politely ask the parent to please have their child cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing.   I always ask nicely, ONCE.*

*  I was in a store not to long ago and there was a child flinging snot
and lung butter all around so I masked up.  The mom asked, "what's
wrong."  I told her I had a disease that just by being around me could
make someone deathly ill.  She responded with "well you should stay home
and not be around people when your sick."  I told her "actually I am
the one who could become deathly ill from your sick child sneezing and
coughing without covering their mouth and nose, so actually mam, you
should keep your child home when sick.  A lot of people could get sick
just from being around him".  She grabbed her snot flinger and left in a
huff.  True story.

by Gizmo 5 years ago

Jackie Aitchison
I can clearly remember one doctor walking over and before I could say or do anything he held a should and pressed on that area, I dont know who got the bigger fright him or me when I screamed!!!!!

I took NSAID's for years plus painkillers, but this caused damage to my stomach I started a few years ago on Embrel and it was fabulous!! Been ogg it since last November due to investigations into another problem, then had to stay off as I was having major surgery, so hoping to get back on when I see my back doc next month. Its alll a balancing act, whatever you gain you lose somthing else, but for me AS is the mjor problem and if I can get that under control again it is worth the immune system being weakened. But we all have to weigh up our own situation and make our own decisions.

by Jackie Aitchiso...  5 years ago

Jacqui Gleason
OH, YES, to the touch!!  Oweeeeeee!!  That is so my pain, too.  Kind of on one side of the backbone down there.

by Jacqui Gleason 5 years ago

Colleen Vasquez
I have the same thing what did your Rheumy think it was?

by Colleen Vasquez 5 years ago

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Is your lumbar-sacrum area very sensitive to touch? Mine is and the pain is excruciating when you press at certain areas. My Rheumy thinks it isn't AS pains.

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