Cheryl K. Moralez

All my body wants to do is sleep! My sleep patterns are crazy (also have sleep apnea - both central & obstructive). Everything I do wipes me out and I feel exhausted. Docs either blame it on the meds or my various diagnoses. Is AS really fatiguing?

Asked by Cheryl K. Moralez 6 years ago exhaustion as symptoms

Jackie Aitchison
All  been said, big part of AS is fatigue. As with everything else all you can do is to look after yourself and do the best you can. You will be much more tired than other people, try to get as muchh sleep as you can, as you have problems there too, as many of us have for many different reasons,this is not a help!!

When I was still working it was a major factor in my decision to not work any more, as I would have to struggle all day to be able to do my job then come home at night and once the adrenalin stopped, I would just pass out with tiredness, then of course no sleep at night.

by Jackie Aitchiso...  6 years ago

Christee Damron
I agree with everyone else. This disease depletes your energy quick. You may want to look up a story I read recently called "The Spoon Theory". It was amazing that this lady was writing exactly how I felt.

I am always wiped out but with no luck on the sleep. I hurt most nights so bad that sleep does not come. Sometimes it may feel like a double edged sword. I have been told the weakness and feeling of always being fully wiped out is only a small part of my medication and a big part that pain is emotionally and physically draining. After reading the story I spoke of earlier I totally knew that it was ok to feel tired.

There are nights with my kids when I am having a bad day that I try to make it fun for them by having what we call a fend for yourself night. My boys can go make whatever they like for a can of spaghetti o"s and toast and salad. Then we retire to the living room and they get to pick a movie out. This way I can lay down and be still for a short period and they get to spend quality time with momma.

Good luck and hope you get to feeling better real soon.

by Christee Damron 6 years ago

AS is fatiguing!! I've had battles with getting a good night's sleep for years--some of it caused by AS symptoms; some because of sleep apnea. I've found that regular stretching/exercise, eating correctly (I lost a bunch of weight, which has helped reduce the severity of my apnea), taking the right meds help, but with the fatigue/energy issue, I've recently discovered a couple natural products that have really been helping me: A liquid vitamin with glucosamine and a mineral elixer you take at night.

The night time product is designed to help support the body's natural metabolic processes. It has helped me sleep a lot more soundly (which is huge for restoring the body). The vitamins in the morning have helped give me more energy throughout the day. If any of you are more interested in these products, let me know. They aren't "off the shelf" items.

by Matthew 4 years ago

Taryn Rand
I am exhausted all of time, too, especially in the afternoons. I find that exercise helps, but sometimes I'm so wiped out that I just sleep for 10-12 hours at a time. That, of course, starts a vicious cycle where the inactivity causes more inflammation and the inflammation causes more fatigue. I stopped drinking coffee months ago because I felt like it was only making me feel worse.

I guess my best advice is try to combat the fatigue with moderate exercise, and don't give the fatigue a chance to snowball. Of course, sometimes there's not much you can do but sleep.

by Taryn Rand 6 years ago

Vic Parnell
Yes, Yes, and YES.

by Vic Parnell 6 years ago


by Mike 6 years ago

Gail Fetch Hengen
Yup i too have sleep schedule ... Whats that? Lol my sleep schedule is so easily disrupted. I no longer try to fight it. If i stay in bed and Try to sleep all that does is make me achy.

When i was first diagnosed and told what i was feeling -wasn't in my head- i was thrilled to know i wasn't imagining it all.. That  i wasn't being lazy like i thought. I had a legit reason for feeling like i did and being so tired. I used to be a very busy person.

The most disappointing thing though is from what i hear from both my eye dr (for the iritis) and my RA dr.. It sounds like this is as good as i'm going to get. But what i hear from that is.. If this is the best. I fear for the worst coming. I take humira once a week and methotrexate by inj once a week. I'm SOOOOOO tired of shots already and i have a lifetime ahead of me bleh!

Lets support each other pp! We're hear for one another :)

by Gail Fetch Heng...  6 years ago

Melissa Temple
Yes AS is really that fatiguing. When I was 1st diagnosed I think I ask my Dr That every time I saw her for the 1st couple of years. LOL
At one point I thot picking up my daughter from school was mentally draining me. I felt SO bad!! But my Dr explained to me That the inflammation causes major fatigue. & also, thank God, That a person's body cycles down in the early afternoon which was a huge relief to me to know I wasn't a horrible mom!  Hang in there. & whenever you can if you're exhausted try to sleep. I've given up on the 8 hours at night thing. I have also figured out I sleep much better during the day. So my advice is sleep when you can even if it's only for an hour or so. Because everybody up here is right,  sleep helps when you can get it ...

by Melissa Temple 6 years ago

Elizabeth Winchell
One rhumy explained to me that the body is able to do things to repair itself when we sleep.  We don't know exactly how sleep works to let the body heal itself--only that sleep is valuable this way.  So when your body is telling you that you need your sleep, that's because you really need it.  Before he died, my dad was a doctor, and he always said the biggest thing we do wrong when we are sick one way or another is that we don't get enough sleep.  We live in a society that doesn't honor the need to heal ourselves when we are sick.  Try to sleep at night.  Take naps.  Eat a variety of foods in a healthy diet.  Try to get when exercise you can--movements and activities that do not cause pain.  Get in the pool and take the gravity off your aches and pain.  With AS, we require naps, and we are not bad if we take them.  Ideally, we want to get a normal night's sleep, but if we didn't sleep well last night, we get to take a nap today.

by Elizabeth Winch...  6 years ago

Jacqui Gleason
Exhausted, with or without meds. That's living with pain!

by Jacqui Gleason 6 years ago

Cheryl K. Moralez
I tried to respond and say thank you to all of the responses, but they did not load! So , thank you, you did make me feel a bit more "normal." I hate feeling like I am sleeping my life away, but I have no energy or motivation to do anything anymore. Whenever I do get up and around, the simplest things wear me out in very short order!

by Cheryl K. Moral...  6 years ago

Jim Weatherhead
Yes, fatigue is a major issue with AS, constant pain and lack of deep sleep - I have been on Remocade for a number of years and it's been a Godsend, but I didn't get a handle on my fatigue until I started using a CPAP - I have very bad obsturctive sleep apnea - you don't say what you have done to treat your apnea, if you are not using one, I highly recomend a CPAP machine, it can be hard to get used to using, but the deep sleep is SO worth it, best of luck.

by Jim Weatherhead 6 years ago

Kathy Schaefer
All of the immune disorders cause fatigue.  Rest is essential.   Try not to push your body just because you think you should be able to.   Get as much rest as you can.

by Kathy Schaefer 6 years ago

Mark Kindy
I have the same problem lately.  Terrible, atrocious fatigue.  My doc thinks it's psychosomatic -- gonna have to talk to him and assure him that no, it isn't.

by Mark Kindy 6 years ago

Samantha Peterson
Even without the meds you will feel fatigue.  It is a symptom of the disease.  Your body is working against itself all the time.  My doctor also told me that I would feel more fatigued when my inflamation was up.  Being on Humira has helped me alot with this issue.  I've been sleeping really good lately and it makes eveything feel so much better since sleep is how your body heals.  I also go to bed early during the week if I'm feeling tired and I try to get extra rest on the weekends.  Believe it or not moderate exercise also will help with the fatigue.

by Samantha Peters...  6 years ago

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All my body wants to do is sleep! My sleep patterns are crazy (also have sleep apnea - both central & obstructive). Everything I do wipes me out and I feel exhausted. Docs either blame it on the meds or my various diagnoses. Is AS really fatiguing?

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