Is Ankylosing Spondylitis considered a disability?

Asked by Leoliz8 6 years ago disability ankylosing spondylitis

Maria Rodriguez
I am 25 yrs old been diagnosed after 2 yrs of pain and getting diffrent answers for my pain.I have had AS for yrs but have only been diagnosed for 7 months I live in constant pain and I feel weaery I am not sure of fussion I need a new mri but on some days I can't walk.

by Maria Rodriguez 4 years ago

Cheryl Baker
Yes, it is. Of course, it will depend on how severe your symptoms are. When applying for disability, you will need doctor's notes, xrays and other tesst results. Good luck!

by Cheryl Baker 6 years ago

Gery DiMarco
If you are asking in terms of Social Security Disability, yes, it is.

by Gery DiMarco 6 years ago

Jackie Aitchison
As the other answer, it can be. We are all different and some are more affected than others. When/if it hets to the stage when you have difficulty working & leading a "normal" life, is probably the time it can be called a disabilty, as it is not going to be cured

by Jackie Aitchiso...  6 years ago

Steve Anderson
In my opinion it depends on the severity of it.  I have been diagnosed with "severe" AS and was finally approved for SS disability after a lot of fighting with them but finally I had a doctor who reviewed my medical records and told the Administrative Law Judge that I was unable to work and that I wasn't going to get any better.  Within a week I had my approval.

To just ask if AS is considered a disability is like asking if RA is a disability.  Again, it depends on the severity.  Many people with RA as well as with AS can work until retirement with very little problem.  Others, such as myself, become "disabled" with it at an earlier age.  I was 50 when I could no longer work and I was 54 when I was finally approved for SS disability.

by Steve Anderson 6 years ago

'Scott Johnson
I too suffer from severe AS,m I also happened to be working as a legal assistant through the last 10 years I was able to work, I carefully read the Sociaql Security act including the complete list of qualifying disabilities, I applied foir Social Security one time , my application was about 250 pages after I was done copying all the pertanant information regaqrding exactly what is and is not a disability according to the government standard If I recall correctly though it ended up just being a short sentence that put it all in place 1> damage to one or more weight bearing limbs (complete right hip replacementr5 at 24 years old)  and haqving a pronounced deformity within the spine leaing the person fused in at least a 30 degree with or withought other scholiosis or humps so I turned in my  application 2 months into it I receive a leter saying that after review of my LEGAL BRIEF they called it they requested that I see a doctor that they would be flying in to handle claims, but they wanted me to see him on a Saturday morning I went in and the exam was quick I thought oh great im gonna have to fight, at that time sice I coulde not even put socks on with out great dificulrty I got down on the floor and proceeded to struggle for a good 5 minutes and I got one of my sock s on, I was embarrassed that the doctor asked what the hold up is he did not have the office for any more than another 15 minutes (was from another state borrowed a doc's office, he sees me struggling to get my socks on he asks me to stop what I was doing and to go take a seat in the waiting room, he walked out to his car and gave me the simplest but amazingly helpful piece of plastic and rope and said here take this home it will help you pt on your socka, I was onworkers comp due to a somewhat related tear in my medial ligament in my knee, and I was broke I thanked him put my sock on and handed the item back to him, and he looked at me blankly and said no you keep it I have already sent in the charge to be billed to social xsecurity, 2 weeks later I got my first social security check, well it was reduced by what I got for workeers comp but all in all a lot easier than I expected, of course I also worked on for at least 10 years with no insurance and very little medical care due to high rx bills, so hyeah I was a walking talking poster boy for AS, but more importantly AS kis a LISTED QUALIFYING disability, under several different chriterias, so if you feel u can no longer deal with the pain et al know u should qualify for social security disability, as long as you worked long enough and paid in to social security, I am collecting 1400.00 a month which is also near the same amount my father is getting in retirement and I retired at 38/39

by 'Scott Johnson 11 months ago

Pritish Garg

by Pritish Garg 3 years ago

Carl Epperson
I was diagnosed with AS, RA, reanauds, and carpal tunnel in 1994. I worked until last January. Applied for disability...am still waiting for state of georgia disability ajudication to complete what ever it is they do. My sacroiliac joints are fused, little fusion in hips and intercostal area ( ribs ). Hurts like HE!! Most of time. Life is a lot less pleasurable than it used to be. Oh, I was twenty at time of diagnosis. Almost 37 now. Wish I knew how much longer, and if I will be approved or denied.....

by Carl Epperson 5 years ago

Zorina Dawn
I was denied for disability, they felt I could find a job where I sat down for 8 hours, lol. They obviously do not understand AS. My doctor feels that I need a new MRI and a new doctor to appeal the decision but I'm not working now and have no insurance and because I get child support I can't get Medicaid. I'm completely at a loss as to what I am supposed to do. As with every aspect of this disease I wish everyone luck and hope they are faring better than I

by Zorina Dawn 6 years ago

Heather Winkler
I am a 30 y/o Paramedic and will be applying for disability shortly, I know i will have problems applying due to my age & due to i have no fusions or physical disabilities but my doctor is backing me 100% due to how much pain i am in so hopefully that is enough.

by Heather Winkler 6 years ago

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Is Ankylosing Spondylitis considered a disability?

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