Does anyone have severe pain in their feet first thing in the morning? The first time I get out of bed every day, it feels like if I put my full weight on my feet all at once they are going to explode. The pain lessens over about 10 min.

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Kimberley Harvey Pierce

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I'm not sure any of these things relate to me. For the past month or so when I first get out of bed and after sitting for awhile, i have this awful pain in my right foot (left foot a bit but right is so much worse). But it is on top. Kind of across the top at the widest part. When I have to walk down the stairs in the morning, I cannot place my feet flat on the step - I have to walk down as if I am on tip toe or it kills! After a few minutes of moving around I am good - til the next time. What is that! Never had it before. I have gained about 10 pounds and was wondering if that was it...but I used to be soooo much heavier. Also I had sciatica over the summer and can still feel that a bit in my right cheek...related?

by Kimberley Harve...  4 years ago

I have two points here. Firstly I discovered plantar fasciitis and was told to regularly bend my toes back and hold for 10 seconds, release for 10 seconds etc for a minute or two  several times a day, and continue this stretching until symptoms go away. This fixed my problem in three or four weeks. 12 months on I now have a second issue which is a very tender sore foot when I wake up in the morning. I can't walk on it for 5-10mins, then it's fine. The pain is in the ankle area and on the top of the foot.Feels like a rolled ankle but goes away really quickly, then starts again the next morning. Is definitely worse if I have had a big walk or been for a jog. Anyone can advise?

by Galah 6 years ago

Tim Cassidy
Yes Yes Yes I tell the doctor that they feel like glass and that If I put any pressure on them as getting out of the bed they will shatter. You are the first person that I have met that say's the same about there feet. My legs hurt also. I also have 24/7 ringing in the ears that never stop and it drives me crazy. When I go to bed at night and it is very quite the ringing seems louder. It drives me nut's. I hate this AS. I get depressed at the thought of always having this and it just gets worse and there is nothing noone can do about it.

by Tim Cassidy 6 years ago

I used to have severe heel pain that made it very difficult to walk and was told I had plantar fascilitis.  My podiatrist told me to get a certain pair of shoes to help out.  It is from SAS shoes ... The men's shoe (he said only women born with 4 toes or with part of their foot chopped off should wear women's shoes).  The style is called "Time Out".  I got these shoes a few years ago and it has made a miraculous difference.  At one point about a year ago it started to hurt again and when I went in they made an insert for me.  It has worked ever since.

by Sherry 6 years ago

Sher Leitner
So I have a couple problems and a couple fixed issues that may help.  Problems::  Constant numbing toes and feet.  Serious Fred flinstone feet some times. Swelling sporadically and the tops of my feet kill me when I wake up or stand up after long periods. Like reading a few chapters Ina. Book. Kinda feels like the bottom of my feet are going to split the tops of my feet In Half  and then push through. It's so painful for about 15 minutes of walking.  I have to walk like a duck !! Anyone else have this issue ??? It does lighten up as I go threw my day. But it's always there.
My ankles feel like they need to be cracked. And if they would just crack , like a knuckle in you fingers, the stabbing pain would go away.  Any advice ??

Helpful tips::  Heel Spurs. So darn painful. I had them in both heels and was told to get liquid calcium and take 1 ounce a day half in the morning half at night ( shot glasses are very handy for this!). After 1week the pain was lightened.  After a month it was completely gone !!!  Amazing
Rolling ankles. Get shoes that have a built in support along the sole of the show. Where the sole and fabric or leather have a built in ridge.  I believe it s called duramax support.  Amazing. Stopped my feet from rolling.  A bit costly. But worth it.

Hope that helps someone.  And looking for help and advice as well.

by Sher Leitner 2 months ago

Faye Thomas
I have this where you're fine for a month or so then all of a sudden I get up and stand on it and my foot feels like it's made out of glass and will break if I put any weight on it. No one seems to know what it is and Dr's are clueless about it...I've lost 2 weeks of work because of this syndrome. Also, yes it's getting worse and more painful with each event. I'm fine now because I stayed off of it for 5 days....gotta go to work soon finger's crossed it doesn't return.

by Faye Thomas 6 months ago

Marilyn Morningstar
I read all the posts. I have pain ON TOP of my foot upon waking or standing up after stiting a while. I know I have had Plantar issue ON BOTTOM of my foot, numbness now, for years. I also have sciatica, 11 slipped discs, arthritis in the spine, degenerative discs which all press on nerves, well, my lower back is the worst, but upper ain't so hot either. I LEARN TO LIVE with these progressing problems, rarely do pain pills, sometimes do Cognac when pain pills are pointless (a shot saves my life sometimes). I sit against a tennis ball to cut the nerve pain signal from the lower back to the brain. This ON TOP foot problem is new. I get gout now and then in the big toe, but TART CHERRY JUICE knocks that out. After reading all these posts, and having the same problems, there still is no real answer as to WHY the top of both my feet are stiff and painful and cripple my steps for about ten minutes once out of bed. I will try the anti-inflammatories - I use pineapple (BROMELIAN pill) and Zyflamend which is a herbal supplements, both have halted the progress of arthritis in my hands, but I lay off it until I feel a tiny pain in a finger or knuckle, then begin again and it stops it like magic. I also use a great cream by Heel, that actually DOES something. There are fake ones out now but the HEEL version is the one you want, from Germany. So, I am tending toward thinking this is actually arthritis in my feet. I DID injure one foot very bad last year, but not the other one, and they are both bad for a few months, maybe sympathy? Not sure, but think I will start using the HEEL cream on top, and taking, as sugggested here, some anti inflammatories before bed. My sleep is terrible anyway, so if that helps sleep, I am down for that. IT STINKS TO GET OLD. I've been super active, traveled to 60 countries in the past 20 years, hard travel, working in orphanages, loving every minute, keeps me young and alive, but I am realizing as everything is going down and down, that soon staying home is going to be my only option. I guess I should be glad I still have a home after the collapse. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

by Marilyn Morning...  11 months ago

Babes Johnson
Both feet give me trouble. The pain also lessens after 15 minutes or so but still remains a challenge throughout the day though.  
Last spring I walked across my back yard (in my favorite 'Croc' flip-flops) and noticed something odd with my feet but NO pain.  Just a weird sensation.  The next morning I awoke as if it were any other day and placed both feet on the floor, stood up and nearly fell to the floor. The pain since that morning has been constant.  I had been having swelling on the outer side to my foot.  It was like a small dome of swelling in front of the actual ankle bone.  No explanation was offered from any of the related multiple doctor visits except it was said that I had bone spurs by my heel. Not one day since have I been pain free.    I've decided to go to my spine surgeon and see if this could be related to my spinal stenosis. I have had so many back surgeries and procedures in my life that I can't count.  I know I've got plantar facitis in one foot but this has effected both feet/legs at the same time. Eight months is enough suffering for me.  My heart aches for those of you who have been chronically suffering with this pain for years. It sucks when you can't live your life as energetically as you once did. Its been so frustrating for me.  I'll try to keep my posts up to date.

by Babes Johnson  2 years ago

I think from my similar experience that it is a very mildly pinched nerve in the lower back that causes the muscle connecting through the glute the quad and into soleus to become tense over night or sporadically in the day after prolonged sitting. The tight soleus pulls on the tendons which lead to the ankle and the heel. This results in heel pain and ankle ache. It may also result from the same nerve being pinched in the hip socket and causing the same condition. On going lower back and hip alignment with strength exercises can lead to relief. Also consider if you're carrying heavy bags or packs on hour shoulder leading to the overall imbalance in posture which is the first cause. Corrected posture can alleviate alot of lower back, how, and foot conditions.

by Robertjs 3 years ago

I have had planter facilitus for two tears now i find it difgicult to stand up and walk after resting or getting up first thing ive had steroid injection physio and take pain killers and where padded insoles to make me feel more comfortable how much longer does this go on for?

by Jayne 3 years ago

Belinda Gannett
I'm jumping in here with an idea...sorry, I could be way off base cause I didnt read all the posts in detail. Recently, I have discovered I have pre-diabetes...someone mentioned ringing in the ears. If my blood sugar stays (if I KEEP it or get it) down to under 90 the ear ringing goes away. Hoping to keep my BS down to the 80-90 range as often and as long as possible. Just wondering if the nerve damage that can result from abnormal BS could cause some of these issues. It was very hard, IS very hard to get a real diagnosis of blood sugar and/or insulin abnormalities from a regular western med internist (probably a diabetologist would find a connection if there is one). There is a lot of evidence coming out as of late that shows elevated sugars in the low level are quite harmful too...are also related to amyloid plaque in the brain tissue of Alzheimers patients. BUT...nerve damage and diabetes go hand in hand. AND I cant tell you how many people do not get a real diagnosis until theyve had all this damage going on for years.

by Belinda Gannett 3 years ago

NO. Its nerve damage. L5 S1.  Get a MRI. Go to a private clinic and pay.  They will do a better job.  Sorry.  It only gets worse.

by Darren 4 years ago

Paul Hopkins
Sounds like plantar fascitis to me,I  had it for 10 years it disappeared for a while and came back worse in my right foot , heel is painful all the time, after resting or sleeping it is so bad you cant walk on it without taking pressure off on walls or furniture, wearing sole inserts helps a little during the day . Wearing a splint in bed does help alot as a 90 degrees position is the best for your feet to heal and this also stops the morning pain , however they are uncomfortable to wear in bed, a mixture of REST, ANTI INFLAMATORY such as ibuprofen STRETCH EXERSIZES and wearing a SPLINT will probably help alot if not sort your problem out

by Paul Hopkins 4 years ago

I was feeling the same- got to an emergency room have xrays- went to a podiatrist gave some medicines but i did not feel  good- then to an Orthopedist GREAT! Have plantar fascitis and tenditis he refer me to a Phisiatrist for some therapy- he gave me a EMG Test- Surprise- also sciatic nerve and nerve damage- I went to the rights doctors just by luck! And save myself a lot of $- unhelpful test and time- now I'm having physical therapy- wear confort shoes, get me medication and streching exercises if I dont get better they might operate but I hope I will avoid this! So me advice go to a doctor ASAP! Get well

by Nivettem 6 years ago

Keri Miller
Foot pain was one of the earlier symptoms I had and the Doc had no explanation. He put me Bextra and instantly I felt better. That is until the FDA took it off the market. Oh how I miss that drug!

by Keri Miller 6 years ago

Kimberly Bowker
I have that to and i sleep with a special boot on at night to keep  my Achilles heel stretched so i wake up in the morning with a painless foot. You can get it at most drug stores

by Kimberly Bowker 6 years ago

Jan Niicce
I dont know what causes this or why....Im not even sure whats wrong with my body and neither are the doctors.  But I have had the same problem when i wake up in the middle of the night and try to walk or when I first wake in the morning.  I call it my feet are collapsing under my body.  Its as if they just give out.  And im not just talking about the pain makes it hard to walk, my feet literally collapse on me when i get up and start walking.  After a few minutes or 10 minutes it does seem to alleviate.  Also after having been on my feet and they had started hurting, along with my back....if i sit and rest a while they want to collapse sometimes too.  It depends on how much pain my body is in.  When my back is really bad, my feet go bad.  When im more tired combined with more pain my whole body is in it seems to be worse.  Its really weird....

by Jan Niicce 6 years ago


I have (had?) plantar fasciitis for more than a
year now. I think it is all very individual. As many people you will get to
answer the question so will be the treatment recommendations. One has plantar
fasciitis because of his high arch so he needs arch support. The other has
plantar fasciitis because he is running too much and he needs cushioning. One
has flat feet, one spends 10 hours a day on his feet, the other run too much
... And so on.

The point is that everyone should find his own cure. You
should be active with your treatment trying to find the one that will give you
comfort. Don???t give up as you can see most of the people find relief at the

Think about your gait and how do you keep injuring your foot.
It sounds to me as if you did find the way to cure your plantar fasciitis but
you keep on hurting it again and again.

Did you change your shoes to try a different type of running

The best thing for me was taping. I have found it very
useful. I am done with the heel pain and I am still taping my feet while
running. Taping will keep your foot from getting injured again and will help
you get through your daily routine. I have found this website to give me many
good ideas at:

Take care

by Ezrida 6 years ago

Catherine Terry
Pain first thing in the morning is very common. We call it "shaking off the rust." I do stretching exercises in bed before I stand up. Taking an anti-inflammatory before falling asleep not only helps me sleep better, but also reduces the extent of the morning pain. That your pain gets better as you move around it an excellent sign.

Do you wear inserts in your shoes during the day to stretch your planar fascia? If not, you probably want to consider starting.

by Catherine Terry 6 years ago

Rose Bigham
Yes, and it's AWFUL.    It's plantar fasciitis all right, and that's what finally led me down the path to the Spondylitis diagnosis.   I went to my podiatrist and got orthotics when the stabbing, agonizing pain first appeared.  No help.   I got cortisone injections.  No help.  I stretched, I slept in a brace that kept my ankle at a 90 degree angle, still nothing.   My podiatrist sort of gave up on me.    This symptom combined with all of the neck back, hip, knee pain I was experiencing finally got in me in rheumatologist's office!  

Stretching your ankles and achillies tendons before you take that first step helps a bit, but for me the only real fix is a complicated strategy of medications including Enbrel.    Good luck!

by Rose Bigham 6 years ago

Lauren Wolf
I have that pain you speak of. I take some time in the morning before I have put those feet on the floor and grab the wall on bad days from the pain in them,  it feels like it burns and hurts its most likely plantar fasciitis. I have it so lovely I have lumps on my tendons. Only one suggestion I have is - go see a Dr. A Podiatrist that has some experience with our special feet. You can manage it but do the Shoe inserts, insoles and orthotics and shoes and if it gets really bad he can meds and sometimes you have to ware a boot to give it a rest. Other wise do what he says and it can be managed to the point where your first thoughts are on coffee and breakfast not, god I got to put those feet on the floor!!!!

by Lauren Wolf 6 years ago

Cindy K
It sounds like classic plantar fascitis to me. I had it for years. First thing in the morning or anytime after being off my feet for a while. I wore orthotics, no help, had surgery to release one of the plantar fascia, no difference. Lost 100 pounds, no more pain. I do think that the AS causes all kinds of havoc with the tendon insertions especially the achilles. I can see the swelling in my daughter's achilles. Biofreeze helps her some, and Enbrel and Lodine. But really, her feet always hurt to some degree.

by Cindy K 6 years ago

Denise Cornell
I have such pain that in the morning I can hardley walk.  I cannot spend any amount of time on them either.  I keep telling my doctors about the pain, but they do not seem to concerned about it.  I have been dx'ed with  plantar fasciitis, but I also do not think that is correct and that my feet are the result of AS.  They get  better after about a half hour to hour of being up and as soon as I get to moving around they start hurting again.  There is nothing worst then feet that hurt all the time.

by Denise Cornell 6 years ago

Jessica Farrell
Topricin!  I found this cream Topricin, it is $18 per jar at Sprouts or GNC and for me it is magic and kept on the night table.  The pain is most likely from your Achilles Tendon and maybe complicated by a planters wart like me.  I find the pain is worse the better I sleep.  For 20 years it was only the right it is both.  Funny to sleep all night laying down and yet wake with sore feet, right?  Find out more about symptoms we share at on the AS Triggers Page.

by Jessica Farrell 6 years ago

Michelle De Long
Yes.  My feet hurt all of the time.  The main pain is around the heels and in the ball joint under my big toe.  I have had painful feet since AS was diagnosed. My rheumy says it is Bursitis which I say in BS since they have been inflammed all the way back into my 20's.  On  the days I take Enbrel, they don't hurt. And once I am up running around for awhile the pain goes away. But let me sit down for ten minutes and the pain is back, so that to me is AS.  Bursitis hurts if you move it. AS pain goes away when you move.

by Michelle De Lon...  6 years ago

YES and for me it's plantar fasciitis in my heels and I get cortisone injected into them every 6 months or so or else it gets to the point that I can't walk.  Even when my heels are ok, sometimes my whole foot, both feet, feel that way in the morning when I first get up.

by  6 years ago

I also have a bad back and my feet just recently started hurting when I get out of bed and when I get up from sitting and after a couple mins of   walking pain is gone. The pain seems to be in the ankle area and comes around to top of foot. Not sure what it is

by Brenda 1 year ago

Steve Tompkins-macqueen
I think I have the same problem. No pain when sitting or in bed and throughout the day, BUT!!! MUCH, MUCH, MUCH PAIN!!!! When I try to stand after being laying down for a while or sleeping.  I can't put my full whate on my foot and ankle for 5 to 10 mins.   The pain is not sharp like gout but the treatment for gout seems to work.  

by Steve Tompkins-...  2 years ago

Hia I to suffer from burning/swollen feet and worse when I walk I also have S1/L5,degenerative disc,siatica,tennis elbows in both 1 recent surgery this year plus calpol tunnel and I don't know if any one else is fed up keep going to the dr?! I'm under pain clinic who are not that great! Get seen nearly a year between appts my gp has been better (new one) and has refered me to a rhumatoligist sorry can't spell that, on so much medication aswell and only takes edge off!  Has anyone else had these things too or am I just very unlucky? Getting to point may have to stop work then what??? I work threw day with gritted teeth come home cry+lie down thanks for the rant debbie

by Debbie 2 years ago

Hi, i have the same problem .i work nights and when i get home and take my shoes off my foot be aching and burning for a hour

by Cornelia 2 years ago

Stella Ibrahim
Oooh Jeeeeez!! The pain is terrible am having the same same problem mentioned here as the symptoms are the same, feeling all my wieght fully on my feet. I had this problem two years back on my both feet same spot between two toes, i couldnt walk at all coz the pain was too much. I went to the doctors and did physiotherapy but nothing found. So after a while it dissapeared misteriously. Hmmmm again early june 2013 i am experiensing the same problem again and this time on different spot both legs deep pain around the ankle. My back pains so much also and walking is a problem. When i sit or sleep i feel so light and confortable, but when it comes to standing up and walking i fear coz i feel like a have a very ripe wound and am stepping on it . Am feeling very uncomfortable. And also i have now noticed i cant stand for long i feel very tired in a second immediatly i stand up and also when i try to limp a distance it swells. Oooh  WHAT CAN I DO. Whats exactly the right medicine to take. ?? Am planning to visit a physician in two days time,  thanks all for your contribution atleast i know am not the only one in this kind of pain, i was wondering what kind of sickness is this.

by Stella Ibrahim 3 years ago

Sarah Beyda
Me and they don't know why? Had back surgery three years ago and this started a year after it... It's only getting worse so now going for a mylogram and ct to see what's wrong.... You?

by Sarah Beyda 3 years ago

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Does anyone have severe pain in their feet first thing in the morning? The first time I get out of bed every day, it feels like if I put my full weight on my feet all at once they are going to explode. The pain lessens over about 10 min.

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