Wondering if anyones face turns red, and very hot, like a child when they would have fifth's disease? No real reason like being active, or w/ fever. Mine does this every afternoon.

Asked by Carla 6 years ago active red face

Loretta Jackson
Hello, my face turns red and feels really hot everyday after lunch and stays the rest of the day I don't take any medication and I don't stress out.. I would just like to know what causes this mine just started a couple years ago that I have noticed..anyone help

by Loretta Jackson 4 years ago

Belle Dillon
This has happened to me every night, consistantly, for most of my life. I have never found out why, and no one i've seen knows why either. My face just turns red and i can feel the heat, i get a mild fever, (98 degrees - my usual is 96) and i had started wondering if there was anyone else like me. Even though i cant really help, im glad to know im not alone in this.
And i dont have any of the deseases anyone's mentioned

by Belle Dillon 5 years ago

Lori Ali-Balogun
I never really thought of it as a symptom of AS, but I get the hot face, headache and extreme fatigue all together, every afternoon. It does not seem to be caused by anything in particular.

by Lori Ali-Balogu...  6 years ago

Yes, but in my case, I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis ... So trying to get the thyroxine dosage correct was very difficult. I essentially slipped into a hyperthyroid state and started to get hot flashes. Lasted for several weeks. I now have a good appreciation for women who experience this symptom of menopause.

by Chapps 6 years ago

Cheryl Baker
I have had this problem ever since my As symptoms began in my early thirties. It certainly isn't my blood pressure, mine is consistently 100 over 60. I'm sure there is an AS connection. I always have this problem when I'm going through a flare. I was glad to see that I'm not the only one.

by Cheryl Baker 6 years ago

Zorina Dawn
I am shocked to read all these answers. So many things that I have experienced seem to be all AS related. I have been flushing for years now. My dr. Said it was my high blood pressure. It's become a joke with family and friends. If I get overly stressed they can see me turning red. Thanks for the insight!

by Zorina Dawn 6 years ago

Jessica Allen
This happens to me all the time, mostly in the afternoon.  It's not only on my face though, I will get crazy patches all over my arms, chest and legs.  I get a really bad headache and feel like I have a nasty fever as well. I have noticed the last few nights I have been waking up drenched in sweat and my legs have been giving out on's not a reaction to any medication, as I am not on any any longer and haven't been for 2 months, but this was happening before I started tx.  My night sweats are so much worse lately and my body just hurts so much, there is no way I could get up and walk or stretch.

by Jessica Allen 6 years ago

Catherine Bambrickfriend-tidman
I believe your answer is the prednisone flush as noted above.

by Catherine Bambr...  6 years ago

Julie Evans
LIke all of you, I have the rash too. It really flares if I take prednisone. My rash or redness is permanent. I have tried all the remedies with little luck. I use Clinique redness products, it has a green tint to counteract the red tones.

by Julie Evans 6 years ago

Gail Fetch Hengen
My general Dr gave me some cream for it, my RA dr thinks it was rosacea too but the cream never made a difference, i used to use the aveno calming creme didn't notice much difference then myself either.. I don't know what else to do so i just wear revlon colorstay make up to keep people from staring at it so much

by Gail Fetch Heng...  6 years ago

Evelyn J K
This is called flushing. It is a symptom, not a disease. It can be caused by many things. I experience flushing, and my other symptoms combined with flushing is taking me to Mayo Clinic next week. So it can be nothing really, or something. Since flushing is your primary complaint, it's probably nothing but an annoyance. And yes, it is a real annoyance! It can be embarrassing when you're out and experience it. Ugh.

by Evelyn J K 6 years ago

Pamela Swider
I too have redness on my face and my doctor initally thought it was the lupus butterfly rash.  I think autoimmune diseases are so inter-related that the symptoms cross over.

by Pamela Swider 6 years ago

I have the same rosiness... Doctors used to ask all the time if I had lupus. Mine has the "butterfly" pattern across my cheeks. I also am amazed every day by the ridiculous little things that so many AS sufferers have in common, things that are not commonly attributed to AS.

by Stacey  6 years ago

Samantha Jennings
It happens to me a lot. Ive noticed it happens more when I'm stressed. It also happens to my knees?? I get a burning hot red rash, mostly on my right knee. Interesting to see how many people with AS have this same weird symptom

by Samantha Jennin...  6 years ago

Melissa Temple
The only time I've ever had that happen was when I developed an allergic reaction to the meds I was taking. Does it happen at the same time everyday? Could it be meds?

by Melissa Temple 6 years ago

Michelle De Long
There are many forms of rosacea.  My dermatologist said that for me it is related to a small vessel condition, that causes the redness.  Mine happens very few and far between and mostly when I am having a AS flare.

I use Aveno Calming Facial Lotion and it makes it much better.

by Michelle De Lon...  6 years ago

Christine Farr Fritts
Mine do it too, a lot of times it will be seemingly no reason but other times I have figured out my reflux was bothering me. They flare bright red and are really warm to the touch.

by Christine Farr ...  6 years ago

I have had the same thing happen to me.  It went on for about a year. Both cheeks would just light up and be warm to the touch for no apparent reason.  I never found out what it was.

by Jamie 6 years ago

Lindsay Cairns
I have that happen to me... And I flush very easily been that way my whole life. I wouldn't have made any connection to AS... Hmmmm

by Lindsay Cairns 6 years ago

This happens to me several times daily! This is so crazy. I have so much wrong with me that can be traced back to AS. Little things like this tho i wouldn't have thought that it is a symptom...

by Becki  6 years ago

Glenda Potter Neely
Hi there, Well I am like the rest of the women. Walking in the mall or anywhere I feel my face getting red as well. I have read up on a lot of stories and still not sure when does it end.

by Glenda Potter N...  3 years ago

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Wondering if anyones face turns red, and very hot, like a child when they would have fifth's disease? No real reason like being active, or w/ fever. Mine does this every afternoon.

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