Tara Lo Piccolo

Does anybody get dry eyes w/ burning? Sensitivity to sunlight? Sometimes my eyes hurt like I am having an episode of iriritis or episcleritis, but no reddness? But it feels like I have it at the time.

Asked by Tara Lo Piccolo 6 years ago eyes episcleritis iritis dry eyes

Stacy Angeloff

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Most Helpful

My eyes are so dry all the time. I can't live without eye drops.  I live in Florida and can't get away from the sun so I live in a good pair of sunglasses. No cheap ones anymore.
I have had a few iritis attacks and have gotten some cataracts on top of that also.
It seems like each month with this AS something else brakes down....lol
Gotta smile to get through each day or it will make you crazy!!!!

by Stacy Angeloff 6 years ago

Jackie Aitchison
I have had iritis several times most years, and rarely are my eyes red, I have retained a dislike of bright lights since then and as I wear specs they are all reactive lenses.

We tried taking steroid drops on a maintenance level to see if that would help, and it has, no iritis since and not so dry. Been doing this for a couple of years now

by Jackie Aitchiso...  6 years ago

Denise Cornell
Yes, I have Sj?¶gren's syndrome along with the AS.  No only is my eyes dry, but I have a problem with being able to produce saliva.  Your doctor can test for Sjorgen's.  My eye feel like they have grit in them, burning, or sometimes like an eyelash that is never there.  Sometimes I get the sore eyes. I use over the counter eye lubricant.  

Wind, fans, heating and ac affects them also.

by Denise Cornell 6 years ago

Sometime I wake up and the sun are any light hurt my eyes they be red they hurt and eye drop  burn my eyes when I use it

by Tika 2 years ago

Linda Jasso
I am very sensitive to bright light.  Sometime when I blink, I can't see and I have to blink two or three times to clear up my vision.  A lot of times my eyes will water or sometimes they will be too dry.

by Linda Jasso 6 years ago

Lisa Hancock
Yes I am super sensitive to light and can only go out with sunglasses. I have had Iritis many times and I use drops to keep tears or keep the moisture in my eyes. I think it is pretty common with AS or Immune Disorders.

by Lisa Hancock 6 years ago

I have both chronic dry eyes and chronic blepharitis (eye lid infection).  According to my opthamologist this is common for people with AS and that there is little I can do besides using eye drops (I use Tear Gel) and antibiotic ointment (I have used it every day for about 12 years now).

I do not have Sjogrens and have had both iritis and epischeritis.

by Beckyg 6 years ago

Steffie Jo
Yup i have trouble seeing sometimes too.  But my eyes are so sensitive  to the sunlight it makes it hard to drive.  Mine burn and hurt and sometimes when i get up they are so swollen it looks like i have slits for eyes.  I use the eye lubricant also. Sometimes the things that come along with AS really suck.  I hope you can find all your answers to all your questions here.  This web site has made my life so much better.  Just knowing that there are others out there just like me makes things so much better.  Have a happy 4th

by Steffie Jo 6 years ago

Tara Lo Piccolo
Rhanks guys, wow now that u metion it Denise, fans etc, bother them too.

by Tara Lo Piccolo 6 years ago

I have issues with my eyes too. They seem like they get dry and then burn. I have also been very sensitive to sun light ever since I was a kid.  

I've been told by my dentist to that I have a dry mouth and it's affecting the health of my teeth. I know I sing in church and my mouth always feels like sand paper it gets so dry.

I've never brought it up to my rhuemy always thought it was just part of the AS, but maybe I need to talk to him about it.

by Kimberly 6 years ago

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Does anybody get dry eyes w/ burning? Sensitivity to sunlight? Sometimes my eyes hurt like I am having an episode of iriritis or episcleritis, but no reddness? But it feels like I have it at the time.

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