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How many of you are HLA-B27 Positive? How many of you are Rh-Negative in Blood Type? If your not RH-Neg, did you have a parent, grandparent or child who is? Researching connection, bookmark for updates - !

Asked by Jessica Farrell 6 years ago as ankylosing spondylitis rh-negative blood

Jessica Farrell

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Most Helpful

I am doing an independant research on the connection between the HLA-B27 and the Rh-Negative Genetic factors.  If any of you would be interested in helping me find some answers, please visit .  It's anonymous, there is nothing to buy and nothing to sign up for.  I just need a variety of people world wide to answer the questionaire so I can compile and research potential connections.

I, not my mother's diagnosed my mother when they could not and I found it because of my Rh-Negative Status. They simply confirmed it to the best of their ability with testing.

My mom is O+ and my father is A+ but I am A-.  This is because each person has 2 blood factors and they pass 1 to their off spring.  Because we are all lumped by the medical profession as being either Rh- or Rh+, they do not see the connection.  However HLA-B27 positive results show up in 8% or less of the population AND O-Negative (Rh-) blood shows up 7% or less in the population, I SAW A CONNECTION.

Here is why...There should be 3 categories of people not just the 2, as in Rh+ meaning you have the blood factors of either (+ +) or ( +  -) and Rh- (who has to be - - in factor) .  Some people are like my parents, I call these people "Rh Batteries" because they are (+ -) meaning they are 1/2 Rh+ and 1/2 Rh- and just classified as Rh+.  I believe this +/- situation can cause the body to be in "dis-ease" and upon a trigger, the body has the potential to go haywire.

MOM = OO+-  (An Rh Battery)
DAD = AO+- (An Rh Battery)

I became AO- - which is simplified to A-.

There are differences in the normal levels of iron and copper in the blood of Rh- and Rh+, simple iron difficency can make you anemic.  This deserves more attention and research!


by Jessica Farrell 6 years ago

Brian Mino
Im HLAB27- and A+ blood type b ut my mother is the O+/O- battery as you call it and I notice that only RH- and RH batteries are the ones who end up with HLAB27 HLAB57  and Delta CCR32-5. Or the Warrows syndrome widows peak feature. My question to you is is there any other genes that are RH- specific that you know of? And just to note you can be RH=++ two DD's and still have autoimmune diseases but not spondyloankolysing.

by Brian Mino 3 weeks ago

Allison Grossman
Still waiting on a diagnosis but I am hla b27 positive rh neg...  Both of my girls are rh positive.  They both complain about aches and pains so I was thinking to test them.  My body went into hyper immune defense during my first pregnancy even with rhogam.  My second daughter was very compromised and was in the nicu for weeks and needed a transfusion. What a strange thing is the human body!

by Allison Grossma...  4 months ago

Bharat  Rao
Hi  im HLA b27 positive i have lot of pain my leg and my back so i have to done !!!

by Bharat Rao 1 year ago

Crystal Lachapelle
I just tested positive for RH antibody abd Hla B27. I also have A RH negative blood. I have been referred to Rhumatologist as it looks like I have An kyle sing Spondylitis. I am only 39 yrs old.

by Crystal Lachape...  2 years ago

Frank Goodale
I am O Positive (D/d) heterozygous, in otherwords I carry the Rh negative trait. I am, also, HLA-B27 positive, with an auto-immune arthritis

by Frank Goodale 2 years ago

Bonnie Vallance
I think you need to make a more formal study than posts on line. I can tell you I am positive for HlA B27, positive for Rheumatoid factor. My pheono-type of blood is O positive.  However my father and his mother are O negative.  Therefore my geno type is o negative but I show up as o positive.  Good luck  with your study!

by Bonnie Vallance 2 years ago

Nicola Brennan
Hi I am HLA B27 +ve and I also have O Rh-Neg Blood, my sons are also HLA B27 positive and I alsohave scheuermanns disease of the spine, scoliosis, my eldest son has the Hyperfleimobility and my youngest has Ankylosin spondylosis, affectin wrists, ankles, spine. Both my sons suffer with cluster migraines....

by Nicola Brennan 3 years ago

John Schell
I am hla b27 + and o neg

by John Schell 4 years ago

I am HLA B27 positive and blood type is O+

by Dev 4 years ago

My eldest son has been diagnosied with USpa and HLA-B27 B2707 positive (blood group A+),  He is suffering chronic pain in knees, ankle, elbow and knuckle.  Now taking heavy medications with minor improvement.Younger son has also tested positive to HLA-B27 (blood group A+).Husband has also tested positive to HLA-B27 and has Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff proteins (blood group unknown)and I too have also tested positive to HLB-B27. I developed Anti E last failed pregancy due to bloods crossing placenta (blood group unknown).My mothers blood group is the same as my childrens - A+ (RhD).

by Chris 4 years ago

I am HLA-B27 positive and my blood type is O+. Found out only because of an acute uveitis. Hope this helps!

by Meghann 4 years ago

Tonya Smith
I just recently found out that I am HLA-B27 positive and blood type is O negative.

by Tonya Smith 4 years ago

Sameer Ali
I am hla b27 possitive how should we cure it completely

by Sameer Ali 5 years ago

Linda Jasso
I am HLA-B27 positive and O-.  My son also has AS and he is HLA-B27 positive and O+.

by Linda Jasso 6 years ago

Jessica Allen
WOW! 8-O This is truly amazing!  I am extremely interested to hear more about this, as this is something I've been trying to look into myself. I am (off the charts) HLA-B27 positive, RA Factor and every other RA test completely negative, yet when they were doing all the normal X-Ray's they have to do to confirm my AS, my Rheumatologist found in my pelvic X-Ray some major abnormalities that fell more in the RA catagory as well.  He was rather boggled with these findings, yet, no doubt about my AS by any means.  My mother was diagnosed with RA many years ago, though NEVER tested positive and never has for any of the RA blood tests.  RA Factor has always been negative.  So, after I was diagnosed with AS, she found a new Rheumatologis who then tested her for the HLA-B27 and strange enough, hers was completely negative.  Her new Rheumatologist still felt as though she was a better AS patient than RA patient with all of her symptoms and with me being positive in EVERY way.  It's all so very funny how it all works.  I do not know, however, what blood type I am, nor my mother.  I will have to find that out for sure.  I look forward to more info on this!

by Jessica Allen 6 years ago

Lindsay Cairns
I am O+  and HLA B27 Negative

by Lindsay Cairns 6 years ago

I am HLA_B27 positive and RH neg

by Beckyg 6 years ago

Taylar M
I'm O - and HLAB27 positive... Strange.

by Taylar M 6 years ago

Michelle Starks
I am HLA-B25 positive. A+ blood type. My mom is A-, but also B27 positive. Looking forward to seeing your results! Will visit your website/survey! Thanks!

by Michelle Starks 6 years ago

Kim Brinkman
VERY  INTERESTING!!! You're an intelligent young woman. My daughter is showing symptoms of Spondyloarthropathy/SA like me. She is beginning the genetic testing and I suspect will be HLA-B27 posotive, like me.

I am HLA-B27 positive and B- blood type. She is being tested for HLA-B27 gene and is B+.

Thanks for your research, it's going to incredible!

by Kim Brinkman 6 years ago

Vanessa Moczulski
I'm also HLA-B27 positive not not Rh neg. I'm A positive.

by Vanessa Moczuls...  6 years ago

Mary Ellen
::Waving hand in air:: I'm HLA-B27 positive, And I have A+ blood.  Oddly enough, I my blood is CB neg which means Red Cross wants it for preemies, transplant patients and HIV folk.
I donate as often as I can to help out.

by Mary Ellen  6 years ago

Keri Swazey Carfioli
Hi Jessica! I am HLA-B27 positive an Rh neg. And there is a DU pos in that blood type too. Dont know what that means yet but thats what they told me...

by Keri Swazey Car...  6 years ago

Amy Picklo
Hi Jessica -

Both my brother and I have the HLA-B27 gene.  I have Rh Negative blood type but his is Rh positive.

by Amy Picklo 6 years ago

I am HLA B27 positive.

by Allyson 6 years ago

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How many of you are HLA-B27 Positive? How many of you are Rh-Negative in Blood Type? If your not RH-Neg, did you have a parent, grandparent or child who is? Researching connection, bookmark for updates - !

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