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Could someone tell me what the doctors look for in order to tell if you have A.S?

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Lindsay Cairns

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Hi Charlie,
Typically they will test for the HLA B27 Genetic marker, it's kind of non specific, about 90% of patients diagnosed with AS, have this genetic marker, and approximately 10% do not... So... You can have AS with, or without it but they usually test anyway.  Also they'll usually do blood tests for other non specific inflammation rates.   Typically a diagnosis is made based on xrays , MRI or CT , bone scan one or all of them, showing the "right" kind of changes/inflammation, if the story SOUNDS like it might be AS, a history of more than 3 months of inflammatory back pain.  Family history is helpful but not required....  A good doctor will start from scratch, take a history, listen to your story, do some tests, XRays, Blood work etc... Do a full examination and then start to put together a diagnostic picture.

by Lindsay Cairns 4 years ago

Both my sons have AS (one is now 21 and one is 18 (diagnosed at 16).  I was diagnosed at 22 and found moderate exercise to help keep more fusion at bay.  The bottom of my back is fused but has remained pretty much the same for many, many years.  I take karate (Tae Kwon Do) with a few moderations (no jump kicks, no contact sparring, walking instead of running, and wall push ups).  My Sensei is understanding and at age 50 I will be testing for black belt in about 3 weeks.  Any exercise that will not have major impact on the body are good for AS'ers--esp young ones.  Even horse back riding w/ someone who knows what they are doing is good.  Pain is going to exist no matter what--there are days I'm in major pain, but but I am not doing permanent damage to myself so I continue on. Pain is something with which AS'ers have to learn to live.

by Elizabeth 4 years ago

Mr Terence King
I must advise getting a diagnosis may take time, I am HLA B*27 - Positive, with every possible symptom of AS, and yet it took 4 years of progressive severity before I saw my rheumy end of march 2012, in 2009  had x ray showed nothing conclusive, physiotherapist called for tests for arthritis 2010 and nothing was done, 2011 MRI of lumbar spine was called and nothing found, 2012 march rheumy first app and full physical examination, and due too her findings has ordered MRI  full spine and pelvis taken this sat, nurse who gave MRI said I may be called in earlier by rheumy but no reason given, am due too see rheumy for 2nd app 11 june 2012, am considered to be by vulnerability nurse: Severely impaired mobility, in a sentence rheumy pulled my legs back so my heel touched my ass and laid them back straight, and by no surprise both legs went into violent full spasm at the knees which a magician couldn't fake, basically it is a hard long road ahead but worth taking

by Mr Terence King 4 years ago

Dan B
Here is a site to help with some answers

by Dan B 4 years ago

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Could someone tell me what the doctors look for in order to tell if you have A.S?

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