Legs, arms or other body parts "falling asleep" (or tingling) especially when lying /sleeping - is this common when you have AS? What's the cause?

Asked by Hanna 5 years ago legs falling asleep


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I get it so bad it wakes me up.  Mostly in my arms but sometimes in my legs and my feet are always freezing.  Sometimes my body "jumps" like when you are just falling asleep and your leg or arm will jerk somewhat, well mine literally jump quite a distance.  I have actually kicked a pillow off my bed.  I dont know what it is from but when I went back to Humira FROM Embrel it subsided somewhat.

by Rita 5 years ago

Catherine Terry
Your lymph isn't flowing.

We rarely think about the lymphatic system. Ever cut yourself but not so badly that you bleed. Instead what you see is a clear liquid. That is lymph. The lymphatic system runs parallel to the circulatory system but it doesn't have a pump like the heart does the blood. Instead our muscles and gravity help move the lymph through your body.

When we rest, the lymph settles which causes slight swelling. That swelling impinges your nerves which causes the "falling asleep" feeling or tingling.

by Catherine Terry 5 years ago

My hands r asleep now also..my feet n legs always fall asleep.I hope this is nothing serious  cuz I don't have insurance atm..:/

by Amy 3 years ago

Kris Keniston
If it only happens in your sleep, then it the way your hand are layong when u r sleeping, in which the circulation gets cut off. But in my situation, i'll wake up with a hand asleep, numbness up through my arm, swelling in my hand, not being able to open or close it all the way, anf it lasts all day. Once the sleepy hand (tingling sensation) disappears it turns more into a feeling ofbeimg electricuted.... Its wirrd but I havent seen a doctor yet due to.not having insurance but its bern over a week. I definetly think I pinced a nerve in either my hamd or my elbow. I'm praying its not carpel tunnel syndrome becausr im a auto yechnician and cant afford to be out of work :-(  and I dont have the oportuniyy to give it a nice good rest, because I wake up early to drive an hour tio work, then I'm there for ten hours drive two hours tio school and I'm therr got 6 hours and drive 45 minutes home and only her 5 out less hours sleep.all week. During the weekends im doing laundry, runnimg errands, all that good stuff. Buy this weekend I'm definetly going to see a dr.

by Kris Keniston 3 years ago

I had the same issue, mostly dead whole arms during my sleep and hand/arm weakness during the day, I had tests done in Jan 2011 with my rheumy who confirmed i had carpal tunnel syndrome to add to the list, i think also because humira effects the nerve system, and that i was holding my left side higher due to pain in my sacroilic joint, so the combination of everything was not good. I brought some hand splints, and quite literally re-learnt how to hold my hands during my sleep. What you may note (if the same as me) is that you hand is inverting in towards your arms during your sleep and cutting of the blood/nerve through the carpel tunnel to the hand. I barely wake up with dead arms now! Yay! I squish my hands flat and spread out my fingers under a pillow and naturally manage this now! I also get a pilates stretchy band thing, hold it under my feet, in standing, with my arms to the side (equal balance of material between hand and foot), i then stretch my arm out 10 times on each side. This has helped so much! I think it is great for the alignment issues in AS. Another couple of points, relaxtion (key key key for muscles) and i stopped eating tomatoes and potatoes, which seems to have cured the burning/tingling hand aspect. (night shade family link)

hope this helped anyone x

by Seeingmorningsa...  4 years ago

Another theory: I read that vitamin B12 and B6 deficiency could lead to this sleeping of arms/legs. If the IBS/problems with the intestine theory in autoimmune diseases has some truth - then the absorption of these vitamins would be decreased.

by Hanna 5 years ago

Hi - I have ank spond and also get this a lot. I didn't realise that it might be related.  Always when sleeping and usually my arms.  Must be completely cut off as sometimes wake up with absolutely no feeling at all.  First time it happened I thought there was something in the bed and grabbed offending object and pulled it out - screamed as it was a hand (half asleep) - quickly dropped it and my hand just fell and smacked me in the face.  Kids get quite a laugh relaying this incident!

by Jo 5 years ago

Daniel Garcia
I mentioned my feet falling asleep when I'm laying down.  She acting like it was no big deal.  She said it more than likely is because of a nerve getting pinched in my lower back, SI area.  Nobody has said anything about lymph nodes to me.

by Daniel Garcia 5 years ago

Karly Sevinsky
Happens to me all the time. My arms fall asleep constantly. It used to scare me but im used to it now. I don't have any advice...just relating.

by Karly Sevinsky 5 years ago

Jerry Grynspan
I will not dispute Catherine's response since I know nothing about what she said, however that does not totally exclude arthritic stenosis causing pinched nerves. I would guess that you may have one or the other or both. I have developed spinal stenosis and in the last few months have started getting tingling in my hands, but even longer than that have had leg tingles when using the bathroom, but it only lasts a minute once I stand up.

by Jerry Grynspan 5 years ago

So if you have swollen hands and feet do you Need to be  concerned about your lymph system? Actually my hands are asleep now.

by Mysteria 5 years ago

Gosh this has been happening more and more and it's starting to hurt really bad as well.  My arms and hands will "fall asleep" and get tingly and then I have to kind of level them out and as the tingling subsides it hurts pretty bad.  My legs and feet get it very bad and turn ice cold and then I can't walk or my foot will clip under me.  I tried to walk it off and snapped my ankle right under me and it swelled up and it was bad, so don't try that!  

Catherine, you said that it's your lymphatic system?  So how can you get help for it?  What do you tell your doctor?

by Sasha 5 years ago

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Legs, arms or other body parts "falling asleep" (or tingling) especially when lying /sleeping - is this common when you have AS? What's the cause?

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